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Add Interest to Your Lampshades!

June 23rd, 2011 by Demystifying Design

Pierre Sans Cap!

Pierre thinks his white cap is tres dull. He wants a life that's bananas.

Pierre Avec Cap!

Pierre adores his new hat from Sister Parrish. He plans to bang his drum and cause a ruckus.


A wonderful, easy way to add oomph to a room is via a dramatic lampshade. White lampshades are just so boring, n’est-ce pas? Why not take your lighting to a whole new level with colors, patterns, and plenty of panache? Your lampshade is a jaunty hat atop your fixture, and you want your hat to say, “Howdy, sailor!”.

But don’t think that you have to use a very expensive custom lampshade store to craft that shade of your dreams. Why not use fabric from your local Calico Corners and apply it to your shade with fabric glue. Or attach grosgrain ribbon at the top and bottom of the shade with fabulous Sealah Tape… Or maybe use rhinestones to bestow a frisky je ne sais quoi. Or employ fringe… Or decoupage the lampshade with fabric cut-outs.

Have fun with your lampshades, and light up your life.

Mr. Owl!

Our Mr. Owl lamp thinks his boring white lampshade sucks. He wants some drama in his life, some zip, some zap.


Mr. Owl says, "Zowie!" He just loves his peckish new hat from Decorators Walk, done up with hydrangeas. "Hello, birds," he says!


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4 Responses to “Add Interest to Your Lampshades!”

  1. Kay Ellen says:

    Yeah for Sealah no sew adhesive tape :) )
    The best product for a quick fix!

    My mom will be thrilled that you mentioned her product on your blog.
    Have a great weekend!

    Kay Ellen

  2. JPW says:

    Thanks for the post! Can you write a bit about proportion guidelines for height and diameter?

    Pierre looks a bit despondent in these shots, n’est-ce pas?

  3. Dixie Laite says:

    I am totally gonna try this! I just hope I don’t screw it up!

  4. Judith says:

    I love your chandelier! Isn’t it stagnre how those last minute ideas are often so superior to ones laboured over for months on end? I too collected a number of lampshades and eventually combined them with elements from a much larger collection of embroidered tea and tablecloths. Sacrilege, you might say, but the cloths had rust stains, honest! I now have one pair of matching shades and one odd one which went slightly wrong and had to be patched. Ironically this remains my favourite regardless of its imperfections or, maybe, because of its imperfections. My next step is to actually use them, though I do worry about them being a fire hazzard. Good luck with the publication, I look forward to your first issue with eager anticipation!

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