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Please Hold, Exciting Changes Afoot…

Friday, January 24th, 2014


Demystifying Design is evolving, we are taking the blog to the next level… It’s going to be bigger, bolder, and brighter. So stay tuned! We will be back this spring with a fabulous and frisky new look.

In the meantime, take a look at our website,, or join the conversation with us on social media.




A Bit of Color on this Drab Day!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

The Unloved Little House!

Here's the former garage at Madcap Cottage in upstate New York when John and I purchased the property. The garage was a mess and was totally shrouded with out-of-control greenery. Our goal was to take this forlorn folly and make it fabulous. Hopefully, you can pluck ideas from our plan of attack to employ in your own home.


John and I are hunkered down in Brooklyn as Sandy terrorizes the East Coast… We have wine and I made tacos, and I am cleaning out my closet and am still wearing my pajamas at 1:30pm so it’s not all bad… John is listening to Christmas carols on Pandora for some reason. Curious, n’est-ce pas? Weenie and Jasper are snoozing.

As the day is totally drab and dull, I thought I would offer some color, a Technicolor-hued punch…

Here’s a photo tour of our former garage at Madcap Cottage in upstate New York that John and I transformed from a tumbledown structure into a rainbow-hued screened-in porch.

I hope you enjoy the journey…

Stay dry, and stay safe!

Al Fresco Elegance!

New roofing, screened doors, and a cupola that John and I purchased online take the exterior of the garage and make it gorgeous. The cupola is vinyl-clad, so it will never need painting. I am not a fan of vinyl siding, but here it makes total sense.

Interior Motives!

John and I had the interior patched and a new cement floor poured. And we carved-out screened windows that look onto our backyard. A pale blue ceiling helps open up the space.

Patio, Daddy-o!

John and I found some beat-up old garden furniture and had it powder coated a bright lemon yellow. The results are perfectly sunny and delicious! Find garden furniture at a yard sale, and have it powder coated to give it new life.

Fabric of Life!

John and I came up with a fun fabric scheme that mixes lots of easy-to-care-for indoor/outdoor fabrics in big, bold hues.

Dog Days of Summer!

Jasper eyes the work in progress. Almost complete!

Hello, Jasper!

And here's the finished product... John and I were lucky enough to have the screened-in porch appear in the magazine DIY. Jasper makes himself right at home in the finished screened-in porch, now renamed The Little House. Floor paint transformed a cement floor into something fabulous. John crafted the window treatments from Ikea using a stamp that he picked up at a flea market with fabric paint.

Et Voila!

Note the inexpensive Chinese lanterns that dangle overhead, an inexpensive way to add "punch" and "pizzazz" to any space. The cupola adds further "architecture" to a roofline that was sorely lacking interest.


Gorgeous! Glamour! Glitter! Get Ready!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Think Pink!

A pair of stunning and custom ikat-upholstered chairs that we are offering at our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale on November 13th. Think pink, folks! This sale is going to kick some major ass.


Have you marked your calendars for our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale on November 13? It’s going to be an extravagant extravaganza, and how, and how!



Crank up the Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Dear Prudence,” and get ready to shop. Think gorgeous. And there will be LOTS of small and affordable holiday gifts, too!!!

Cocktail sets. Mirrors. Chairs. Lamps. Out-of-this-world objects. Sofas. Tables. Whimsical wonders.

Here’s a taste of our stash… We have 300 items going into the sale.

Shell Seekers!

Vintage brass seashells and a shell box to add some briny brilliance to a table in your home.

Floral Fever!

A vintage floral-embellished coffee set with a matching tray. Total fetch!

Get Lit!

Our One Kings Lane sale will offer gobs of gorgeous lamps, like this pair of beautifully detailed Chinoiserie table lamps.

Winging It!

John and I crafted this wingback chair in marvelous Indian-inspired fabrics. Anchor a room that lacks pizzazz with this perch. Who needs pie when there's India?

Think India!

A pair of armchairs upholstered in multiple Indian-influenced fabrics... Comfort. Check! Clever. Check! Totally unique! Naturally.

Bench Set!

A Chinoiserie-styled bench with a fetching floral pillow that the Madcap Cottage gents crafted from a fabulous retro fabric. Jason's mom had this fabric in her bedroom circa-1975.

Game Face!

A wonderful burled wood card table with Chinoiserie chairs done up in a pink upholstery that are totally bananas.

Petal Pusher!

A gorgeous armchair with all sorts of floral patterns as only the Madcap Cottage boys can do. Push some petals, blossom dearies.


Mark Your Calendars: Our Next OKL Tastemaker Tag Sale Takes Place on November 13th!

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Comfort Zone!

John and I crafted two of these fabulous and relaxed rattan "poufs" with a frisky floral pattern. You will find these and so much more at our November 13th Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane!


I hope you are having a delicious weekend… John and I are working away in preparation for Labor Day. We will be up at Lake George, New York later this week with a dear pal from Tampa, Florida before we hightail it off to Madcap Cottage for a few days of hardcore gardening. Plus, we plan to explore the charming town of Millerton, New York.

But, wait, NEWS FLASH!

Mark those calendars! Our next Tastemaker Tag Sale will take place on One Kings Lane beginning on Tuesday, November 13th. Not only will we have amazing, colorful furniture, but we will offers loads of perfect-for-the-holidays gifts.

November 13th!

November 13th!

Get ready to shop…

It’s going to be madcap and marvelous. Natch!

Be Seated!

A stunning upholstered chair with all of the pattern-crazy flourishes for which the Madcap Cottage boys are renowned. Get this chair at our November 13th Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane.

Basket Case!

A fabulous vintage office chair that the Madcap Cottage boys have "done up" in a lovely floral pattern with yellow welting. This chair will be featured on the November 13th Tastemaker Tag Sale. Why not make your office jaunty and exuberant? That was not a question.

Bamboo You!

There will be a pair of these bamboo-patterned stools at our sale. You can never have enough bamboo "moments" in your home, n'est-ce pas?


An Affair with a Chair!

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Red or Dead!

Here is a "before" shot of one of the red chairs on my parents' front porch that I decided to overhaul. The rattan caning on the seat looked fine, but it was beginning to rot in the Florida humidity and needed to be replaced. Hence, a trip to Hancock Fabrics was a must! John and I had had the chairs powder coated bright red a few months before when they had begun to flake.


I am currently down at my parents’ home in Tampa, Florida, but I fly to Los Angeles tomorrow and I can’t wait. Stay tuned for some West Coast design updates.

Meanwhile, whenever I come down to Tampa I always like to get a few projects going. But I am just not sure if I terrorize my Mom and Dad with my myriad putterings-about. For example, Lois and Jary (aka, Mom and Dad) do not seem to be too keen on my idea to transform their guest house into a Chinoiserie Chateau, a Palace of Pagoda Perfection. Stay tuned to see if I win this battle and get to lacquer their furniture and wallpaper their bathroom with a scenic scene from Peking back in the day.

Well, here’s one project that I did tackle today. My parents have terrific vintage French cafe chairs on their front porch, but they were getting a bit downtrodden and the rattan caning on the seats was beginning to rot. A few months back I had my parents powder coat the chairs as the original red paint was peeling off.

And then more recently I tackled the rattan caning. The rattan was not especially comfortable and was crumbling, so John and I decided to create custom seat covers with a very graphic indoor-outdoor fabric that we picked up for a song at Hancock Fabrics. I took one of the original rattan seats up to New York after my last visit to Florida to have our terrific upholstery guru craft five matching seat cushions in a festive Carnival print.

And, voila!, here are the results. The chairs offer a big punch of color and are far more comfortable than before. Success!

Now how do I convince Mom and Dad that a Chinoiserie-styled, painted bar and matching disco ball are must-have accessories for the guest house. To be continued…

Love Stack!

Here are the new seat cushions crafted of an indoor-outdoor fabric from Hancock Fabrics awaiting their star turn.

I Came, I Saw!

Jary removes the old rattan caning with a saw so that we could re-use the wood frame that sits within a lip in the chairs.

Shake It Up!

While my Dad and I worked on recovering the front porch chairs, my Mom practiced her hula hooping skills.

Weaving a Spell!

After my Dad used the saw to remove the edges of the rattan caning, I peeled off the remaining fibers and nails to create a clean base that could be then attached to the new seat cushions.

What a Screw-Up!

Getting ready to screw the new upholstered seat cushions to the original wooden frame that sits within a narrow lip on the chairs. I had the cushions made with a hollow center in their wooden frame to allow them to drain if they get wet in the rain or after a good hose-down.

Color Me Crazy!

The big reveal! And here are the five front porch dining chairs in all of their recovered glory. The seat covers can be popped off the chair to be hosed down, and the new fabric adds a "pop" of color that was lacking with the rattan caning, n'est-ce pas?


Yard Sale-o-Rama!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Basement Beauties!

Our basement at Madcap Cottage in upstate New York is overflowing with delicious treasures, so come take a look... This weekend!


What’s on your agenda for Memorial Day weekend?

If you happen to be anywhere near New York’s Catskill Mountains, be sure to beeline it for Jason & John’s World-Famous Annual Yard Sale and Vintage Finds Bonanza that will take place at Madcap Cottage in Hobart, NY this Saturday and Sunday (May 26 and 27) from 8am-5pm.

Expect loads of treasures…

Furnishings! Lighting! Fabric! Wallpaper! A fountain. An amazing crafts table. A glorious day bed. A totally snug rug.

Plug this address into MapQuest, and come visit…

286 Maple Avenue

Hobart, NY 13788

Whether you stop by or no, we wish you an absolutely delicious and divine Memorial Day weekend!

Green Goddess!

Here's last year's yard sale in full swing... If you're really nice, I just might give you a tour of Madcap Cottage and maybe a glass of wine.


Be Seated… Courtesy of Our May 8 One Kings Lane Sale!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Garden Glory!

A gorgeous red-and-green floral pattern paired with orange welting--a Madcap Cottage signature--bolsters this fabulous and deliciously comfortable armchair.


John and I are driving back from Tampa, Florida to Brooklyn today, so that will be us tooling up I-95 with tables and suitcases tied to the roof of our Subaru like high-end okies.

But let’s talk design. Does your home lack stellar seating options?

Do you need some color in your chair selections?

Do you crave comfort and good looks paired with the pizzazz that only the Madcap Cottage gents can bring to fruition?

Well, you are in luck since our May 8 One Kings Lane sale has gobs of seating options…

Our One Kings Lane sale starts at 6pm on May 8, so mark your calendars and get ready to shop. We have 330+ items for sale this go-around, so there’s sure to be something for everybody and at every price point, too.

Peruse a few of our color-kissed perches…


Green Goddess!

A PAIR of glorious armchairs upholstered in a fabulous floral pattern with hot pink welting and buttons. Although these chairs don't have exactly the same shape (although the upholstery is the same on both), they would look terrific if paired together in front of, say, a fireplace or in a den. Plus, they are wildly comfortable and have the most amazing lines.

Think Pink!

A PAIR of vintage metal faux bamboo chairs that your friends at Madcap Cottage had powder-coated in a bold pink hue. We then upholstered the chairs in a fun brown-and-white and vaguely ethnic print with a gorgeous welting. Once outdoor chairs, these lovelies should now serve as focal points indoors.

Bamboo Brilliance!

A faux bamboo chair that the Madcap Cottage boys have tweaked with a fresh green-and-white graphic pattern fabric and lemon-yellow welting. The perfect occasional chair to use in various rooms of your home.

Ikat Fever!

John and I love nothing more than a fabulous ikat fabric, so here we have covered a PAIR of gorgeous and comfortable armchairs in a blue-and-white ikat pattern with rainbow-hued welting for a little extra kick. Chic!

Frondy & Fabulous!

A quartet of vintage armless dining chairs done-up in a frondy palm print that reminds us of the coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Plus, a gorgeous vintage faux bamboo, glass-topped game table. Wow, what a stunning set, n'est-ce pas?


Shop Our New Boutique on 1st Dibs!

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Madcap & Marvelous!

Click on the image, above, to visit our just-opened "One of a Kinds" boutique on 1st Dibs. John and I have searched the world for an amazing selection of goods that will transform your home.


As you know, John and I love doing sales, both online and off…

We are constantly scouring the globe (and we mean, the globe) for fabulous finds… We have unearthed divine textiles in Turkey, furnishings in India, and table lamps in the hinterlands of Florida. Each of these items receives the Madcap Cottage tweak and twist, and then we offer them up to you to bring some magic, color, and verve into your own home.

So bring on the sales!

John and I are hosting a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane on May 8th, so MARK your calendars.

And we will be hosting our World-Famous Annual Yard Sale over Memorial Day weekend at Madcap Cottage in Hobart, New York, smack in the center of the Catskill Mountains.

And, now, drumroll please…

The Madcap Cottage boys have unveiled our “One of a Kinds” boutique on the fabulous 1st Dibs website. I am sure that everyone is familiar with 1st Dibs, but if you aren’t it’s the most divine collection of antiques, real estate, fashion, and jewelry to be found under the sun. We are truly honored and excited to be included in the 1st Dibs mix.

Here are some of the fabulous items that John and I have collected and are now offering up through the 1st Dibs portal. Each item is truly unique and special. So get ready to shop!

Look us over, and tell your friends!


Wicker, Didn't Even Know Her!

John and I unearthed this simply stunning vintage wicker hood chair in Pennsylvania, and we poked and prodded it back into shape. The chair is amazing, and now boasts Tony Duquette fabric and signature Madcap Cottage flourishes such as shocking pink welting. We are sort of sad to part with this lovely looker.

Shell Seekers!

A vintage shell-shaped console table with a glass top. Does your front entry need a terrific table to create some visual verve? Um, this plucked-from-the-sea beauty would fit the bill, and how.

Tip, Top, Tole!

A vintage tole metal lamp shaped like a delicious leafy plant with a bold black shade. Every room needs a whimsical and wonderful table lamp, and this oversized beauty is a stunner.

Deer Me!

A nearly life-size brass deer with Asian flair and flourishes that would make a real impact in the corner of a room, perhaps a den or library. This piece is really special.

Tweet, Tweet!

A fabulous vintage table with a tree trunk-like base and utterly charming feet in the form of birds. This table is just so unusual and stunning, n'est-ce pas?


Scenes from a One Kings Lane Photo Shoot!

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Floral Fever!

John and Ellen Warfield, the fabulous One Kings Lane photographer, arrange a glorious custom-upholstered armchair on the white seamless "set" at our storage unit in Brooklyn. This super-comfortable chair is upholstered in a terrific fabric from Cowtan & Tout. Mark your calendars for our May 8 One Kings Lane sale.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am wearing green underwear and contemplating a Midori-splashed cocktail. Is it noon somewhere in the world?

John and I have spent the past few days photographing items for our MAY 8 One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale. Have you marked your calendars? MAY 8!

Anyhow, I thought it might be fun to show you some of the work that goes into photographing the Madcap Cottage duo’s items for our upcoming sale. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun.

We spent about 20 hours this past Thursday and Friday photographing our One Kings Lane merchandise with the fantastic Ellen Warfield, one of OKL’s many talented photographers. From small items–including cocktail sets and whimsical bric-a-brac–to our fabulous furniture, we plowed through some 273 items that needed to be photographed.

Did I say 273 items? Yes, 273 items.

So get ready to shop our Tastemaker Tag Sale.

It’s going to be glorious. And so much fun!


Green with Envy!

John preps the "Green Goddess," a vintage chest of drawers with amazing hardware and an emerald hue. We love the Chinese-inspired lines of this functional piece.

Incredible Ikat!

A vaguely 70s-ish chair that John and I custom-upholstered in a vintage ikat fabric with a rainbow-hued welting. This chair is a stunner! And there will be a pair of these chairs in our sale, perfect for situating in a library or in front of a fireplace.

Queue Up!

A gaggle of chairs and tables awaits their turn in front of Ellen's camera. When John and I produce our One Kings Lane photo shoots, we basically take over the entire floor at our storage unit near JFK Airport in Brooklyn. It's quite a production!

Be Seated!

John and I custom-upholstered a pair of arm chairs in a fab fabric from Rose Cumming with bright orange buttons and acid-pink welting. Um, these ladies are just lovely.

Secretary City!

Ellen arranges a pale-blue secretary--let's call it an "assistant," that's so much more PC--that John and I custom-colored with coral-hued shelves and insets. This piece is super functional and totally a looker.

Bamboo Brilliance!

A faux bamboo game table topped with glass accompanied by four fabulous arm chairs done up in a fabulous, frondy fabric that reminds us of the coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Palm Springs Perfection!

John fluffs a fabulous Monet-inspired sofa in polished chintz that we found at an estate in Palm Springs, California. There will be a pair of these glorious Giverny-like couches at our May 8 One Kings Lane sale.


Powder-Coated Perfection!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


Woodsy Wonders!

Our blog follower Mona, who lives in Waterville, Maine, sent us pictures of her vintage stools "before" and "after" powder coating them. Here's the atmospheric "before" shot.


I SO adore when our blog followers actually take us up on an idea and really run with it.

Take Mona, for instance, one of our blog devotees in Waterville, Maine…

Magnificent Mona recently decided to powder coat two old, rusty, tired metal stools that she found in her basement. And her decision to powder coat these stale seats came from our blog: As you know John and I simply LOVE to powder coat anything metal…

So Mona took these vintage stools to her nearby powder coater and selected a jaunty oyster-blue color. And, voila, perfection. If you have old patio furniture floating about that needs a kick of color, powder coat it!

And if John and I inspire you to tackle a project, DO send us photos.

We love seeing your handiwork…



Blue Period!

Here are Mona's stools after being powder coated a delicious oyster-blue hue. Natty, n'est-ce pas? Mona plans to tuck these under a coffee table and pull them out for cocktail soirees. Waterville, Maine seems to be a happening town... Go, Mona!