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Your home is a TEMPLE, and we want to be the high priests.

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Please Hold, Exciting Changes Afoot…

Friday, January 24th, 2014


Demystifying Design is evolving, we are taking the blog to the next level… It’s going to be bigger, bolder, and brighter. So stay tuned! We will be back this spring with a fabulous and frisky new look.

In the meantime, take a look at our website,, or join the conversation with us on social media.




A Tour of the Traditional Home Showhouse!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013


Come along for a tour of the fabulous Traditional Home/Junior League of Greensboro showhouse and the breakfast room that John and I designed with loads of Thibaut fabrics, wallpapers, and furnishings…

Breakfast at Adamsleighs!

Traditional Home magazine's stunning Tori Mellott interviews me and John for Editor at Large TV. Click on the link, above, for a video tour of the showhouse...


Filming with HGTV!

Friday, November 16th, 2012 Sublime!

One of the stars of our HGTV television shoot for the program "You Live in What?" was our brand-new Descartes two seat sofa in Cookie House linen-cotton. If you don't know British import, you should! Newly arrived in NYC, crafts the most gorgeous and bespoke sofas, chairs, and footstools in wonderful fabrics--and at a delicious price point.


Happy weekend!

John and I were lucky enough to have HGTV film our home upstate last weekend for their fabulous show “You Live in What?.”

Madcap Cottage was once an 1840s-era schoolhouse, so the home perfectly fit the show’s concept. The day went swimmingly… Thanks to producer Toni Donaldson and her terrific team for making the shoot a lot of fun.

Apparently, Madcap Cottage will appear on HGTV in early 2013, so stay tuned!

Weenie Beanie!

Weenie snoozed during the entire HGTV shoot upon her custom Madcap Cottage dog bed while Jasper ran about and caused a bit of a ruckus. Did you know that John and I craft custom dog beds? Well, now you do!

Descartes Delicious!

Here's another view of our two-seat sofa that John and I adorned with custom Madcap Cottage pillows.


By George, Let’s Talk High Point!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

By George!

Here's a photo that John snapped of me aboard our pal Greg Tepper's boat in the middle of Lake George, New York this morning. Lake George is simply stunning and so relaxed!


Wishing you all an amazing Labor Day ahead… John and I are upstate New York after spending a lovely night with pals on gorgeous Lake George.

While I am taking a few days off, I am also working on my fall schedule and am booking my appointments for the Fall High Point Market in North Carolina that takes place from October 13-18. As you probably know, High Point is when editors and buyers come together to see the latest furniture creations that will soon be hitting the market. The market takes place twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This is John’s 17th year of attending High Point and my 8th… We love a High Point trip: It’s a terrific opportunity to scope trends and connect with old friends.

Here’s a video I did for Editor at Large that talks about how to navigate the streets and showrooms of High Point. Enjoy!

Let's Talk High Point!

Click on the image, above, to watch me interview all sorts of fabulous folks about why they visit High Point and how they get around. Ooh, this isn't a good screen capture... I look sort of crazy and bug eyed. Just watch the video, folks. Wink!


Den of Earthly Delights!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Nice Basket!

My parents' den circa 1982 in our former house--a massive Mediterranean number built in the 1920s--on Davis Islands in Tampa, Florida. The fabulous basket weave wallpaper and upholstery covered everything in the room, including the ceiling and doors. Brilliant! And look at the actual baskets scattered about, fabulous.


John and I wish all of you a fabulous July 4th holiday… I plan to craft Betsy Ross-inspired blueberry and strawberry daiquiris at my parents’ beach house on Siesta Key, Florida and wave a few flags and stumble down to the beach for the fireworks display.

Meanwhile, I am still in Tampa and going through old photos. I came upon this slightly out-of-focus-but-still-wonderful snapshot of our den circa 1982. In a fabulous fit of whimsy, my parents covered their entire TV room in a jaunty basket weave-patterned wallpaper–including the ceiling and closet doors–and then painted the room’s molding banana leaf green. And then they stenciled giant banana leaves upon the floor. Amazing, huh? Can you see where much of my inspiration comes from? In this photo, my grandmother Gayle is holding court to the left while my aunt Phyllis holds my baby sister Jennifer Alice. The only thing missing are a few cocktails on a tray.

I am totally inspired by this vintage room, so watch for basket weave patterns to soon show up in the designs at Madcap Cottage.

Have a fabulous 4th!


Come Hear the Madcap Cottage Boys Speak!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Let's Talk Trends!

Come hear me and John talk design trends at the Hearst Tower on June 13th from 6pm-8pm. Plus, there will be cocktails, you can drink up, darling buttercups! Bites and spirits, um, yes, please! And don't be stingy with those pours, folks!


What ARE you up to the evening of June 13th?

Why not come hear the Madcap Cottage boys talk about trends, design in general, why we hate beige, and what we spotted at the recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Chicago…

We might tell a few jokes, show a video or two, and do a little dance. Just because.

We’d love to have you! Follow the RSVP information in the invite, above.


Meeting Mary McDonald and More…

Thursday, November 10th, 2011


Hickory Chair!

Here I am at Hickory Chair's 100th anniversary celebration in High Point, North Carolina. We love Hickory Chair! Click on the image, above, to watch my Editor TV appearance.


I love doing these Editor TV spots and, honestly, it’s great practice… I think I am getting better with each appearance although perhaps my facial expressions are still little wacko. Ah, well…

Here I am Hickory Chair’s 100th birthday celebration in High Point, North Carolina! John and I just crazy about Hickory Chair and their amazing roster of interior designers who craft collections for this fabled brand–from the amazing Alexa Hampton to Thomas O’Brien. Let’s chat up everyone from Mary McDonald in a fur vest to Tobi Fairley and Suzanne Kasler for their thoughts on HC’s big celebration.



Camera Ready!

Thursday, October 20th, 2011


Me and Katie!

Here I am interviewing the very lovely and gracious Katie Couric at the opening of the gorgeous George Smith furniture showroom in the heart of Manhattan. Me interviewing Katie Couric... I love random moments like this. Katie gave great quote and has sexy legs.


It’s been a go-go-go week! John and I had the two-day photo shoot for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale on November 3, and it all went great…

But preparing for a OKL sale is a massive amount of work: Besides organizing our finds, there’s the photo shoot, weighing and measuring, and writing descriptions. Happily, the OKL team–including Lesley, the fabulous photographer–is amazing, so they really help keep the wheels turning. Still, after shooting some 200 glittering, glorious items at our home on Chester Court in Brooklyn, we were a tad beat.

But the show must go on and who has time to sleep when you can sizzle, so Jason headed out to Manhattan post-photo shoots to film various segments with the terrific crew at Editor TV.

Tuesday night found me at a panel discussion at Williams-Sonoma at the Time Warner Center: The discussion focused on branding and building a successful business in the design realm. Panelists included interior designer/uber-blogger Brad Ford, design force Celerie Kemble, design PR and marketing guru Elizabeth Blitzer, licensing maestro Keith Granet, and Lonny magazine’s Michelle Adams. And, wow, what a terrific night… I learned a lot, met some new friends, and interviewed everyone involved up and down and sideways. (The panel even threw a question my way. I was honored!)

And last night found me with Julia Noran and the rest of her Editor TV crew at the opening of the stunning, just-redesigned George Smith showroom in Manhattan’s Fine Arts Building on East 59th Street. If you don’t know British furniture makers George Smith you should. The Smith folks craft the most stunning, bespoke sofas, chairs, and ottomans, and their new showroom is a real looker. Plus, they have included other like-minded brands in the space, so you will also find mirror-fronted consoles from Julian Chichester, fabrics from the likes of Laurette Design, and lighting from Best & Lloyd. The opening was a smash: The cocktails flowed freely and famed 60s singer Lesley Gore belted out her signature tunes, including “It’s My Party” and “You Don’t Own Me.” Plus, I interviewed all sorts of cool cats including John Barman, Kerry Delrose, Katie Couric, and other design-world luminaries.

Today I am catching my breath, and then tomorrow John and I drive down to High Point, North Carolina to attend the twice-yearly furniture shows. I love a good road trip! We are bringing Weenie and Jasper who will spend a night with us at the Aloft (the dogs love a good hotel stay) and will then check into Camp Bow Wow while we peruse the latest and greatest finds… And, of course, I will be doing more filming with Editor TV down south, so watch for my trend reports and color forecasts.

Get ready for gobs of updates from what’s doing in High Point!

Scoping the Scene!

John and Lesley, the lovely One Kings Lane photographer, check the monitor to make sure we captured the correct angles on a barware set and to gauge the lighting.

On Set!

Here's the One Kings Lane set: Our living room turns into a cozy photo studio for two days... Note the fun vintage barware being photographed. There will be loads of amazing, unusual, Stork Club-inspired barware at our November 3 sale.

Terrific Textiles!

A stack of rainbow-hued textiles awaits their turn for a spin in front of the photographer's lens. We will have loads of vintage suzanis at the sale as well as unusual felt seat cushions and confetti-like quilts.

A Very Chic Queue!

So much glassware, so little time! Here's the queue for the One Kings Lane photographer: What a fabulous assortment, n'est-ce pas?

Nifty Nauticals!

A marine-themed bar set awaits its turn to be photographed for our November 3 One Kings Lane sale. Have you marked your calendars? There will be loads of items perfect for holiday gifting...

More, More Gore!

Here I am interviewing the super-cool Lesley Gore, the famed singer whose 1960s hits catapulted this teenager into super stardom, at the George Smith showroom opening.


Here We Are on The Nate Berkus Show!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011


So here’s our appearance on the Nate Berkus Show.

Thoughts? Do we come across too wooden and not very effervescent or fun…

Hmm. Tell us what you think!

CLICK ON THE IMAGE, BELOW, to watch the video.


Check out Madcap Cottage on The Nate Berkus Show. We want to hear your thoughts.



Behind the Scenes at the Nate Berkus Show!

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


Here's Nate with a teacher who won an office makeover in LA. A very sweet segment...


Today was the taping of our segment for The Nate Berkus Show! The piece on Madcap Cottage will air sometime in September. Stay tuned, we will keep you up to speed.

The show was all about “back to school,” so the audience was filled with wonderful teachers from around the country. Great energy, great vibe. Nate was lovely and gracious, and John and I really enjoyed being part of a show that supports teachers, a group that are so often overlooked and are wildly underpaid.

We said hello to Carson Kressley (who’s soon to appear on Dancing with the Stars), drank too much coffee, and went home with a full face of makeup. And we also went home with a few tips from Nate’s hairdresser on how Nate does his “do”: Olive oil and moisturizer fit into the mix somewhere, as does rosemary oil from the health food store. Curious, n’est-ce pas?

Here are some images from our morning:


The bustling scene outside The Nate Berkus Show on West 57th Street in Manhattan. "Please, no photos," Jason was overheard saying. "Respect my privacy in these trying times."

Green Room!

The sign outside our very own Green Room. I prefer to be called "Jason Oliver Nixon" when making appearances in the showbiz industry, but, ah, well! I will have to contact my people.

Sofa City!

The sofa in our very own Green Room. It was comfortable. I would have added more colorful throw pillows and the gooseneck lighting was a tad short, like full-on Hobbit-sized. And I would have painted the walls a fun color.

Craft Services!

John samples the coffee in the Craft Services room. The bagels were rather tasty, but I eschewed the Smuckers jam. I prefer something a bit more imaginative when it comes to preserves. At least they had real china and silverware!


Here are Nate's clothes for the show. Lots of vests. I want a Wardrobe Supervisor! But no vests for me: I am not a vestman.

The Loo!

Here's the Men's Room for the show's guests. Kind of looked like the loo at a truck stop in the sticks. At least there was no condom machine, n'est-ce pas? Nate should tackle his toilets in an upcoming episode.

Hair and Makeup!

Jason gets his hair and makeup done. I was told that I need to moisturize more, but that I have great hair. The makeup artist and hairdresser and I had a good little chat. I was told that YSL's Touche Eclat luminizing pen is overrated. Who knew?


Here's John in the front row for the taping of our segment. The teachers around us were rocking out during the commercial break. John looked afraid.

School House Proud!

Our segment was entitled "School House Proud," and it looked just great. We will direct you to the clip when the show airs in September. Let's just say it looked great. Jason was overhead saying, "Please, no autographs," as we exited stage right.