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More, More Painted Doors!

January 23rd, 2012 by Demystifying Design

Madcap and Marvelous!

Here's our Madcap Cottage in upstate New York in warmer months. Note how our high-gloss yellow front door says, "Look at me and love me." If we had painted the door white, this home would be far less impactful. And who wants to go through life without making an impact, n'est-ce pas?


How’s your week starting off? John and I spent a long weekend up at Madcap Cottage, and even though it was a tad dreary and wet we have returned to NYC all ready and revving.

So if you read this blog religiously (and God help you if you don’t), you know that my most favorite trick of the trade is to paint your door a big, bold color. And, yes, I have gone on and on about this in past installments, but until all of you have given your front door a brush with glory I will keep ranting and raving.

One of our blog followers, a frisky filly who lives in upstate New York, wrote me: “I love your blog, but how can I bring the blog home at a price point that I can actually afford?”

Good point!

Well, this fine filly–let’s call her Diane–has a modified farmhouse with a pale-blue front door. So, kudos, Diane! You took a risk in painting your front door something besides white, brown, or black. But the rest of your home is pale blue, too, so the door doesn’t stand out. Plus, the door isn’t painted in a high-gloss paint, and you need a good shine for some visual drama.

Why not paint your front door a bright, high-gloss pink to really make it the focal point? And, no, Diane, your home won’t look like an Easter basket. Go for it, and send us some photos of your handiwork.

Here are some images from my travels of painted doors that really have impact.

Funny thing, most of these buildings don’t have amazing architecture, but the punchy painted doors create a visual impact that takes these spaces from banal to brilliant.

So get those paint brushes out and get to painting!


Palm Springs Perfection!

The lacquered orange oversized front doors at The Parker Palm Springs resort. The orange beckons guests into a world of luxury and relaxation... Your front door should say something and not, "Ho hum."

Mellow Yellow!

Zingy yellow doors at a very chic beach club in Newport, Rhode Island. I love the contrast of the yellow against the gray walls... And yellow is a John Loecke/Jason Oliver Nixon neutral, n'est-ce pas? We use yellow like it was toilet paper.

Scarlet Fever!

Raucous red doors that John and I spotted last year in St. Barths. Look at how the red contrasts against the white-on-white architecture. Brilliant and so engaging!


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