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Gorgeous! Glamour! Glitter! Get Ready!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Think Pink!

A pair of stunning and custom ikat-upholstered chairs that we are offering at our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale on November 13th. Think pink, folks! This sale is going to kick some major ass.


Have you marked your calendars for our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale on November 13? It’s going to be an extravagant extravaganza, and how, and how!



Crank up the Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Dear Prudence,” and get ready to shop. Think gorgeous. And there will be LOTS of small and affordable holiday gifts, too!!!

Cocktail sets. Mirrors. Chairs. Lamps. Out-of-this-world objects. Sofas. Tables. Whimsical wonders.

Here’s a taste of our stash… We have 300 items going into the sale.

Shell Seekers!

Vintage brass seashells and a shell box to add some briny brilliance to a table in your home.

Floral Fever!

A vintage floral-embellished coffee set with a matching tray. Total fetch!

Get Lit!

Our One Kings Lane sale will offer gobs of gorgeous lamps, like this pair of beautifully detailed Chinoiserie table lamps.

Winging It!

John and I crafted this wingback chair in marvelous Indian-inspired fabrics. Anchor a room that lacks pizzazz with this perch. Who needs pie when there's India?

Think India!

A pair of armchairs upholstered in multiple Indian-influenced fabrics... Comfort. Check! Clever. Check! Totally unique! Naturally.

Bench Set!

A Chinoiserie-styled bench with a fetching floral pillow that the Madcap Cottage gents crafted from a fabulous retro fabric. Jason's mom had this fabric in her bedroom circa-1975.

Game Face!

A wonderful burled wood card table with Chinoiserie chairs done up in a pink upholstery that are totally bananas.

Petal Pusher!

A gorgeous armchair with all sorts of floral patterns as only the Madcap Cottage boys can do. Push some petals, blossom dearies.


All About One Kings Lane!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

One Kings Lane!

See what they have to see about us on One Kings Lane. Click on the image, above.


Not to hit you over the head with our One Kings Lane sale that begins tomorrow, but we’re going to hit you over the head anyhow.

Albeit with a delicious, rainbow-hued, watery ikat silk pillow from Turkey.

Get ready…



Are You Ready for Our One Kings Lane Sale?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011



Here comes our One Kings Lane sale on November 3. Get ready to shop, shop, shop! It's high-octane glamour...


Have you marked your calendars for our One Kings Lane sale taking place this Thursday, November 3?

Um, you haven’t? What’s up? Clear your calendar, count your pennies, and get ready for GO-GO-GO GLAMOUR!

Our Tastemaker Tag Sale is going to be hot, totally smoking chic.

Um, you don’t believe me?

Here’s a very small taste of the 200-plus items that the John Loecke, Inc. duo will be offering up…




Paris Perfection!

This map of Paris-emblazoned wing chair is just so chic. A John Loecke, Inc. custom creation.


Expect gobs of color-packed ikat pillows.

Let's Dine!

A vintage set of dining chairs done up in a glorious, no-longer-available tropical-print pattern.

Kick Back!

A pizzazz-packed vintage armchair that John and Jason Oliver reupholstered with a fab brown paisley-pattern fabric from Thibaut and pale blue welting and buttons. Sassy!


A Victorian-era chair that your friends at John Loecke, Inc. had painted bright yellow and upholstered in a fabulous fabric from Clarence House.

Sofa City!

An amazing vintage sofa that John and Jason Oliver recovered in a fabulous green-and-yellow graphic pattern.


An stunning selection of vintage suzani wall hangings. This is just one set of many suzanis that the John Loecke, Inc. team will have on offer.

Pineapple Pleasures!

A hot pink pineapple-shaped side table. It's the perfect perch!


An amazing vintage faux bamboo bench that the John Loecke, Inc. duo did up with a Josef Frank fabric from Sweden. Gorgeous!


A va-va-va voom vintage elephant table lamp with a very jaunty shade.

Viva Venezia!

Two vintage Venetian-style chairs with shell carvings and fabulous ikat upholstery. Um, delicious, no?



A Passion for Porches!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Turban Time!

If you ever wondered what it was like in the John Loecke, Inc. office environment, just ask Blair Bandy. Like Jeff Lewis of "Flipping Out," we have no boundaries. She just took a shower upstairs and is now wearing a turban and purchased a jug of white wine. "I almost bought a box of wine, but I wasn't sure if it would fit in y'all's fridge."--S. Blair Bandy

Our dear pal and blog follower Molly Walsh sent us a photo of her very spiffy porch: Thank you, Molly! We love a little feedback and photos of our blogerati’s handiwork. You get the gold star of the day.

Molly is tackling the renovation of her home in New Jersey, and she is detailing the process on her delicious blog, Deconstructing Suburbia. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you should.

And here’s her porch…

Molly's Porch!

Here's Molly Walsh's fun and frisky porch. Nice work, Molly! John and I are totally digging the wicker chairs and the preppy pilllows.

I love the mix, the preppy nods and modernist spin. The wicker rocks, and kudos on a fun use of color. Fabulous work, Miss Molly.

A few thoughts: Take the whole nautical spin to another level and give the floor a big ole marine motif: Maybe stripe the porch floor blue and white or create a stencil of a giant anchor and paint it in a deep blue in the middle of the porch floor and paint the rest of the floor with stark white deck paint. Hang blue-and-white lanterns overhead and paint your door a vivacious color, perhaps yellow. And we know you love some good bunting, so hang some blue-and-white flags overhead. And move the chairs away from the porch wall a tad and angle them. It’s more gracious that way.

Then invite your neighbors Biff and Muffy over for Southsides with a side of party-sized burritos from Costco. Spiffy!


Here's an anchor for Molly to blow up and use as a stencil to paint a big-ass anchor in the middle of her porch. Hello, sailor!


Kentucky State of Mind.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


A penguin statue perched high atop the Hotel 21C in Louisville, Kentucky.

I have been zipping about Louisville, Kentucky for client meetings and loving every minute of it. The city’s Hotel 21C is amazing: Filled with contemporary art, the hotel certainly surprises and delights. Speaking of surprise and delight, be sure to check out the bathrooms on the main floor and their two-way mirrored walls. But more on the genius Hotel 21C later.

Yesterday morning I drove down to the Woodford Reserve small-batch bourbon distillery near Lexington, Kentucky to check out how this spirit is crafted: Not only is the facility the peak of chic–stone buildings that date back to the 1800s and a stunning setting amidst rolling horse farms–but I was amazed at the artisanal workmanship that goes into crafting bourbon at Woodford. This is no factory with buttons and conveyor belts, but rather copper stills and giant wood fermenting vats take center stage. I wanted to move in.

So how do my adventures in Kentucky relate back to good design?

The take-away from these travels is that glorious details create magic. Strip both Hotel 21C and Woodford down to their bones, and what shines is the attention to detail that engages and starts a dialogue.

Suggestion: Bring some detail-driven drama into your own home.


We recovered an antique chair in Clarence House fabric, and now this seat says, "Howdy, sailor."

Add a statement piece that gets the conversation going. Here’s a chair that we crafted for a client in upstate New York. It’s a traditional Louis XV chair that we could have upholstered in a pretty fabric, and it would have been just lovely. Instead, we gave the chair a John Loecke Inc. spin with a fabulous fabric from Clarence House, and now that chair says, “Look at me, lady!” Plus, it’s a tad arresting, n’est-ce pas?

So why not invoke some drama in your home this upcoming holiday weekend?

Maybe recover a chair with an old quilt that has been sitting in a closet: It’s easy to recover a seat, just break out the staple gun. Or stripe a wall. Or create an amazing grouping of artwork in the front hall to transform that space from a pass-through into a don’t-pass-me-by. Paint an occasional table a bright color, and make it more frequent.

As for me, I’ll be sitting in my own Clarence House-covered settee and sipping Manhattans crafted with sublime Woodford Reserve.

And lapping up the details down to the very last drop.



Don't overlook the back of a chair: This seat floats in the room, so we wanted to make sure the back of the chair had a lot of visual impact, too.


To Paint or Not to Paint?

Thursday, May 5th, 2011


These chairs, currently for sale on One Kings Lane, were a mess when we bought them. But instead of repainting them, we gave them an "antiqued" paint treatment and then simply reupholstered these in a fabulous ikat fabric and now they look like a million bucks. And they can be yours!!!

A new subscriber, Kim (“Hello, Kim! Welcome to the club. And it’s a damn fun club, and we serve lots of cocktails and shrimp cocktails if you’re ever in the Brooklyn area so do stop by!”), has this to say:

“My favorite color is blue, soft and pale. I have been collecting furniture and accessories my whole life. I have a couple of antiques, lots of vintage and some traditional pieces that I purchased a few years ago. I have a beautiful dining room suite that I have never liked the color of because it is a warm honey brown and I am thinking of painting or antiquing it. I need advice.”

Suggestion: We LOVE repainting vintage wood furnishings, but sometimes it’s even better to keep the warm honey brown or whatever the original finish might be and instead reupholster your dining chairs rather than painting them.

So why not find an amazing soft blue fabric, Kim, like this Big Island Blueberry print from Calico Corners, and reupholster the chairs before you give them a paint treatment.

Chances are this soft blue pattern will tone down the brown and make the chairs really sing. Try it, you can always have them repainted after the fact.


Calico Corners!

This Big Island Blueberry fabric from Calico Corners is soft and blue and cheap and chic. Get some!


Wild Card Wednesday: Who Can Say?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011


Here I am with two new friends, Tara and Kristin, in Monaco posing upon the balcony of a suite at the Hotel de Paris.

What is my opinion of Monaco thus far?

Was it Somerset Maugham who called it a “sunny place for shady people?” Hmm. Well, I think Monaco needs a re-brand. And I am the perfect person to re-think the principality’s mission statement. Is it a city, a resort, a place for only high rollers?

Here are some quick taglines:

Monaco. Simply Marvelous! Monaco. Anything Goes! Monaco. Everything Under the Sun.

They should hire me to distill down Monaco and sell it to a new generation. The arts, the restaurants, the hotels, the sports, the green initiatives… Tone down the bling, and bring up the chic.

But that’s my hospitality consulting hat speaking here: This blog is all about fabulous lifestyles and interiors. And not about rebranding Central Park-sized countries. If you want to know more about my branding abilities, you’ll visit, n’est-ce pas?

Cheri's chair "before." Great lines, but a super-boring fabric. Ho-hum.

So last week I asked our lovely cabal of subscribers to send in images of their “before” and “after” projects, and here’s what the chic Cheri sent in. She says the “after” picture looks “granny,” but I don’t agree. I think it’s fabulous.


Cheri's chair after her re-do. I love her fun and frisky use of Thibaut fabric, a pattern that we have in our very own living room. Nice work, Cheri, and thank you for sharing. You rock! One note: Try to hide that white cord that runs along the wall, it's a distracting eyesore.

Tell me what you think.



Subscriber Speakup: Why Welting?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011


Here I am atop the roof of the Hotel Metropole with Monaco's casino in the background. Belle Epoque brilliance!

I have been zipping about Monaco and lapping up the principality like so much rose wine. Prince Albert’s wedding is coming up in July, so the country is really buzzing and scrubbing itself up for its big day.

But more on my travels later…

A new subscriber asks, “Why orange welting on your dining room chairs?”

So here’s a little about why we use welting and what makes welting such a magical element for us. We love details, whether they be chairs that feature one pattern upon the front and another upon the back or a console that we have lacquered in two contrasting shades. It’s the details that really make an interior sing.

Welting takes a lovely fabric and highlights it, makes it “pop.” And you can really have fun with welting and shoot for the stars. If you have multiple dining chairs, why not use the same fabric on each chair but change out the welting. The chairs will look like a million bucks, and the various weltings will keep the eye engaged and certainly generate interest and conversation. Welting is a good way to take something pretty and give it PIZZAZZ.

Enough talking, here are images of spots where we have incorporated welting into our designs. Maybe this will inspire you to incorporate welting the next time you have a pillow done up or you reupholster a chair or sofa.

Have fun: There really are no rules with welting.


Check out how the orange welting and orange buttons take this chair from simple to snazzy and sublime. Details, folks, details!

Another chair!

See how the red welting really sets off the fabric on this chair? And it brings the red lacquer finish onto the upholstery.


Here's Weenie asleep atop an elegant slipper chair that boasts yellow buttons and yellow welting. The welting is an exclamation mark that makes you really take notice of the chair's delicious lines.