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Your home is a TEMPLE, and we want to be the high priests.

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Spend a Long Weekend with the Madcaps!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Meet Us in Manhattan!

Enjoy a long weekend of fabulous lifestyle-themed events, tours, lectures, and insider "hotspots" in New York City with the Madcap Cottage gents this September 19-22!


John and I have lived in New York City for more than twenty years, and, truly, no one knows NYC better than the two of us. Don’t forget that I was the Editor in Chief of Gotham magazine, the city’s Bible for glamorous living, for almost ten years… We are constantly sniffing out the latest and the greatest.

Hence, it was only natural that John and I decided to celebrate the city in which we live by offering a lifestyle-themed long weekend during which we open up our little black book.

Think design.




Insider tours.


Meet and greets.

A glittering dinner at Madcap Cottage in Brooklyn.

A fabulous hotel…

And lots of surprises!

Is this a so-called “design camp?” Hello, no! It’s a long weekend for folks who want to enjoy the best that NYC has to offer. This is open to anyone, from designers to NYC aficionados to style mavens and foodies.

Thursday-Sunday. September 19-22.

Contact us at for more information and pricing.

It’s going to be one Madcap and Marvelous Weekend! Join us!

Let's Be Madcap!

See you in NYC come September!



Eastern Promises!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Swatch Watch!

Here's John with the divine Lydia Pomey in the swatch room at Eastern Accents, a sprawling factory in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood that makes the most amazing pillows, bed linens, headboards, and other home goods.


I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

John and I were in Baltimore for the holiday are are now currently in London and loving every second of it.

But let’s backtrack two weeks (we certainly keep you on your toes, n’est-ce pas?)…

John and I flew out to Chicago to tour the amazing Eastern Accents factory in the city’s Avondale neighborhood and to discuss some possible business. Might there be private label Madcap Cottage pillows in the works?

Do stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s a little tour of Eastern Accents.

Trim Time!

John goes bananas for the vast selection of trims to be found at Eastern Accents, including the myriad ribbons.

Fabric of Life!

Eastern Accents boasts massive machines that cut the fabrics with lasers.

Sew What?

Here's the immaculate and light-filled sewing room at Eastern Accents. John and I love anything Made in America.

Details, Details!

An Eastern Accents worker sews delicious details into a pillow.

Don't Give a Down!

Here are bundles of down feathers ready to be stuffed into pillows.

Fabric of Life!

John and Lydia peruse Eastern Accents' vast fabric library. We unearthed some real treasures that reflect the Madcap Cottage duo's passion for color and pattern.


Be Seated… Courtesy of Our May 8 One Kings Lane Sale!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Garden Glory!

A gorgeous red-and-green floral pattern paired with orange welting--a Madcap Cottage signature--bolsters this fabulous and deliciously comfortable armchair.


John and I are driving back from Tampa, Florida to Brooklyn today, so that will be us tooling up I-95 with tables and suitcases tied to the roof of our Subaru like high-end okies.

But let’s talk design. Does your home lack stellar seating options?

Do you need some color in your chair selections?

Do you crave comfort and good looks paired with the pizzazz that only the Madcap Cottage gents can bring to fruition?

Well, you are in luck since our May 8 One Kings Lane sale has gobs of seating options…

Our One Kings Lane sale starts at 6pm on May 8, so mark your calendars and get ready to shop. We have 330+ items for sale this go-around, so there’s sure to be something for everybody and at every price point, too.

Peruse a few of our color-kissed perches…


Green Goddess!

A PAIR of glorious armchairs upholstered in a fabulous floral pattern with hot pink welting and buttons. Although these chairs don't have exactly the same shape (although the upholstery is the same on both), they would look terrific if paired together in front of, say, a fireplace or in a den. Plus, they are wildly comfortable and have the most amazing lines.

Think Pink!

A PAIR of vintage metal faux bamboo chairs that your friends at Madcap Cottage had powder-coated in a bold pink hue. We then upholstered the chairs in a fun brown-and-white and vaguely ethnic print with a gorgeous welting. Once outdoor chairs, these lovelies should now serve as focal points indoors.

Bamboo Brilliance!

A faux bamboo chair that the Madcap Cottage boys have tweaked with a fresh green-and-white graphic pattern fabric and lemon-yellow welting. The perfect occasional chair to use in various rooms of your home.

Ikat Fever!

John and I love nothing more than a fabulous ikat fabric, so here we have covered a PAIR of gorgeous and comfortable armchairs in a blue-and-white ikat pattern with rainbow-hued welting for a little extra kick. Chic!

Frondy & Fabulous!

A quartet of vintage armless dining chairs done-up in a frondy palm print that reminds us of the coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Plus, a gorgeous vintage faux bamboo, glass-topped game table. Wow, what a stunning set, n'est-ce pas?


London Calling (Or, Hello, British House & Garden)!

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Think of England!

Our Chester Court home is featured in the glorious pages of the April issue of British House & Garden magazine... Run, don't walk to your nearest newsstand that carries international editions. John and I are so thrilled: In fact, we are doing a small jig as we type this blog installment.


And how was your weekend? Any good design projects going on? Do tell!

And did you check out our new Madcap Cottage website?

John and I are so lucky to have our projects written about in the press, and we are especially thrilled that British House & Garden magazine has featured our Chester Court home in their April issue. Wow, we are over the moon.

And they had me write the story! How’s that for drop-dead gorgeous?!

Here’s a little sneak peak of the feature…


A Top Editor Talks!

Sue Crewe, British House & Garden's amazing Editor in Chief, opens her April "From the Editor" by discussing our house. I love that she calls our home "bonkers." Brilliant!

Hello, Chester Court!

Here's the opening spread to the story on our Chester Court home in British House & Garden. Jasper and Weenie get some major play in the feature... Jasper loves to pose.


Wild Card Wednesday: Open Letter to Yvonne!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Garden room.

Yvonne, here's our garden room where we mix our love for green with our passion for the great outdoors.

“It’s time for bed! Bed. B-E-D.”

That’s John making a commotion upstairs. Does he think I cannot spell the word, “bed?” And why is he in bed at 11pm? Do we live in Sun City Center, Florida, and are we 86 and fans of sundowner specials and driving a Buick? I am not amused. There will be payback later, let me tell you, missy.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in the tub and reading the most lovely little missive on my BlackBerry from our fabulous new friend and fan Yvonne. Apologies, Yvonne, that we are meeting whilst I am naked like a jaybird, but that’s how it goes sometimes. P.S. What the hell is a jaybird? I am just saying… Tweet, tweet, dirty little bird, we have your number!

Anyhow. I love meeting fabulous folks out there who are interested in the world of design, and Miss Yvonne is certainly a designerati.

I’d invite you over for a double martini, Yvonne, and tell you all about our love for green as a neutral and ply you with my new favorite food, olive oil-kissed and roasted Brussels sprouts, but you are out there in the ether.

Well, I hope that our paths will cross one day as you just made my day all Technicolor and delicious like when in The Wizard of Oz, the Munchkins bust out and sing about lollipop leagues and guilds and do a little frisky dance. So thank you!

Here’s Miss Yvonne’s lovely letter (and no being embarrassed, Big Y!):

“So you guys already know I love your blog and your inherent and contagious talents. I think you asked for some input, Jason, with regards to ‘Travel and Trends.’ I’d love to see you take submissions of a room that reflects a possible theme for you (i.e. art collection in home not being enhanced or a blank wall syndrome, etc…) and then post one of your simple breakdowns for paint, wall paper suggestions, and even posts to purchases for enhancing the room using the ‘travels and trends’ concepts. I have referred your site to a bunch of friends. I think word of mouth will catch fire very soon now! Your design duo is so fresh and I’m always giggling with your posts. Last week’s ‘Travel and Trends” had me busting up with the reference to the painted lady and her ‘jumblies.’ You give Jane Austen new meaning for me. Plus I just bought new printed bed sheets per your suggestion to bring a little spring lift into my bedroom without spending a lot of cabbage. Oh… and I’d love to see a “Lessons in Green” with all the green paint names you use, where and why for each one. Just my 2 cents, but I don’t think y’all need it. Your blog is HOT. Keep it up! Cheers, Yvonne :)

I LOVE that Yvonne followed our lead and bought new sheets! Such a fun and quick fix. Bravo, Yvonne! And I love that cash is known as “cabbage,” I am SO lifting that term.

So you ask about green. Hold on a second, I am getting out of the tub and going upstairs to ask fuddy-dud John about his passion for green.

Here’s what the talent, aka John, has to say:

“Green reminds me of the outdoors, it’s so fun and fresh. And it’s always good to bring the outdoors in. I especially like Folly Green from British paint company Farrow & Ball. It’s a color that works with anything. In nature, green is everywhere, so turn to Mother Nature and you cannot go wrong. Now, come to bed. B-E-D.”

I repeat myself, does he really think that I cannot spell the word, “bed.” Good night, Yvonne, we adore you!



Weekend Warrior: Lift up those Bedskirts!

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

InStyle cover.

Here's the cover of the April "Color" issue of InStyle magazine featuring me and, oh, yes, Tina Fey. Wink!

We love being written about–it’s so flattering and lovely…

Little ole us in bright lights, or at least on a bright white page!

The April issue of InStyle magazine–the “COLOR” issue–features a big quote from Jason Oliver on page 374. The story is about bringing color into your own home.

My suggestion is to buy a “look-at-me” bedskirt.

InStyle Quote.

Look at me, look at me! Then look at a fabulous new bedskirt. My quote is in the upper-right text box with the yellow-striped bed.

Buying a kicky bedskirt is easy, it’s fun, and if you don’t like your choice, you can always return it. As say in the quote, “Neutral bedskirts can make a bed seem way too big.”

Purchase something with a fabulous floral pattern or maybe stripes or a punchy hue that contrasts with your duvet.

So, design-loving campers, that’s your Weekend Warrior task for the Saturday and Sunday ahead.

Head for Macy’s, perhaps, and the Martha Stewart Collection. Or maybe browse the wares online at Garnet Hill.

Have fun with your bedskirt, and let us know what you have chosen to add some brilliance to your bed.

Have a FABULOUS weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday. John and I are off to Maine and charming Kennebunkport. Watch for our Facebook and Twitter updates from the road.