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Hello, High Point!

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

High Point Honies!

Here I am in the beauty pageant, I mean, the Style Spotter program at this season's High Point Market that kicks-off today. John and I leave for High Point, NC and the furniture shows this morning. See you at the Cracker Barrel in Virginia, folks! Crank up the Lana del Rey and crack open a beer.


Morning! It has been an especially busy week as John and I returned from Europe and then we went into the photo shoot for our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale that hits the airwaves on November 13th. So mark those calendars!

And apologies that my blog posts have been few and far between this week, it’s been a whirl.

Today, we are road-tripping down to High Point, NC for the twice-annual furniture market. John and I love our visits to High Point as we get to see old friends and scope the latest and greatest trends that will soon be hitting showrooms, magazines, and retail stores near you. And Jasper and Weenie will be traveling with us, too, and they go ape-shit for a good road trip.

I am lucky enough to have been named as a “Style Spotter” for this High Point market, so I will be going around with a handful of other top-tier design bloggers and reporting back on my favorite finds. I am the only boy amongst a gaggle of glamorous women, so bring on the testosterone.

Here’s the official release from the High Point brass on what the Style Spotters do:

“Style Spotters are trendsetters that see ahead of the curve in home fashion trends. Watch for them at Market as they walk the show, capturing images of their favorite looks and on-trend products. The Style Spotters will pin those photos to their Pinterest board and will list the exhibitor’s name and showroom number. They will also present the exhibitor with a sign that highlights the Style Spotter’s name with a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board.”

So get ready, I am no shrinking violet when it comes to my likes and dislikes. I hear you like the bad girls, honey, is that true? Sadly, I do not get to wear a sash or a tiara as I Style Spot, but I am sure I will come up with some equally fetching get-up as I perform my official duties.

See you in High Point, folks!


Style Spotting in High Point!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Material Moment!

The dynamic Julia Buckingham Edelmann of the Material Girls blog asked me about my upcoming adventures in Style Spotter land at the fall High Point Market in North Carolina. To read what I have to say, click on the image, above. Thank you, Julia, for the very lovely mention.


John and I are up in Maine and having a blast bopping about the myriad antiques shops on Route 1 and stopping for fried clams along the way. J’adore Maine. But more about our divine Down East finds in a post later this week.

On another note, I was recently thrilled to find out that I had been named a Style Spotter for the fall High Point Market: Basically, I will wander around the show and, along with my fellow Style Spotters, get to select my favorite items.

Let’s go, and how, furniture manufacturers: I am ready for some BIG, BOLD TECHNICOLOR MOMENTS AND NO BEIGE, so you better give me furnishings in all sorts of acid hues and mirrors festooned with bananas and coconuts, or this Style Spotter will not be happy. And make sure to have comfortable seating in your showroom or perhaps a bed so that I can take a breather and then serve me a big glass of wine to keep me running like the Energizer Bunny. And I like that southern pimento cheese and other nibblies scattered about to keep me fortified.

One of my fellow Style Spotters, the lovely Julia Buckingham Edelmann of the Material Girls blog, asked me a few questions about how I plan to approach my Style Spotting adventures in High Point, so read my responses by clicking on the image at the top of this installment.

Meanwhile, I am off to enjoy a lobster roll and a glass of Sancerre. Giddyup!


All About One Kings Lane!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

One Kings Lane!

See what they have to see about us on One Kings Lane. Click on the image, above.


Not to hit you over the head with our One Kings Lane sale that begins tomorrow, but we’re going to hit you over the head anyhow.

Albeit with a delicious, rainbow-hued, watery ikat silk pillow from Turkey.

Get ready…



Are You Ready for Our One Kings Lane Sale?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011



Here comes our One Kings Lane sale on November 3. Get ready to shop, shop, shop! It's high-octane glamour...


Have you marked your calendars for our One Kings Lane sale taking place this Thursday, November 3?

Um, you haven’t? What’s up? Clear your calendar, count your pennies, and get ready for GO-GO-GO GLAMOUR!

Our Tastemaker Tag Sale is going to be hot, totally smoking chic.

Um, you don’t believe me?

Here’s a very small taste of the 200-plus items that the John Loecke, Inc. duo will be offering up…




Paris Perfection!

This map of Paris-emblazoned wing chair is just so chic. A John Loecke, Inc. custom creation.


Expect gobs of color-packed ikat pillows.

Let's Dine!

A vintage set of dining chairs done up in a glorious, no-longer-available tropical-print pattern.

Kick Back!

A pizzazz-packed vintage armchair that John and Jason Oliver reupholstered with a fab brown paisley-pattern fabric from Thibaut and pale blue welting and buttons. Sassy!


A Victorian-era chair that your friends at John Loecke, Inc. had painted bright yellow and upholstered in a fabulous fabric from Clarence House.

Sofa City!

An amazing vintage sofa that John and Jason Oliver recovered in a fabulous green-and-yellow graphic pattern.


An stunning selection of vintage suzani wall hangings. This is just one set of many suzanis that the John Loecke, Inc. team will have on offer.

Pineapple Pleasures!

A hot pink pineapple-shaped side table. It's the perfect perch!


An amazing vintage faux bamboo bench that the John Loecke, Inc. duo did up with a Josef Frank fabric from Sweden. Gorgeous!


A va-va-va voom vintage elephant table lamp with a very jaunty shade.

Viva Venezia!

Two vintage Venetian-style chairs with shell carvings and fabulous ikat upholstery. Um, delicious, no?



Arrange a Bathroom Cabinet.

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I am pulling one of my “dead tired” excuses, but really I am. My flight from LA arrived at 2am last night, and I am totally tuckered out.

So to keep your design passions satiated…

Here’s a quick, inexpensive idea: If you have a large enough bathroom, why not arrange your toiletries in a vintage, glass-fronted cabinet like this Dorothy Draper piece we found for less than $100 in Miami. Perhaps paint the piece, or give it a fun, customized spin: We tweaked our piece by wallpapering the back wall of the cabinet in a cooling lattice pattern.

Artfully arrange your toiletries, and, voila!, a stunning, inexpensive focal piece to your bathroom.

Now I am off to dead. Sleep tight, blogeratti!


Create a strong focal point in your bathroom with a glass-fronted cabinet. Why NOT bring unexpected furnishings into your bath? Please note the chair and elephant side table.


Makeover Madness: MAY 3, MAY 3, MAY 3, May 3!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Mark your calendars and tell your friends:

Our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale is on MAY 3. Whether you are in the mood to buy or not, take a look. John and I have busted our butts to curate a wonderful selection of items, and we hope you are inspired by our finds. And if you are inspired to make a purchase, we salute you!

Of course, there will be gobs of color, loads of whimsy (!), and plenty of fun. If only we could serve cocktails as you browse our wares… and crank up the Paul McCartney and Wings…

Best of all, the prices on our sale range from a few hundred dollars to just over $1,000, so this selection is VERY accessible. Just think: You can tap into the John Loecke, Inc. brain trust without having to hire us.

Actually, you SHOULD hire us, but this will give you a taste of our sensibility and suck you into our world.

Here’s a taste to inspire you.


Card Table!

A quartet (doesn’t that sound so much romantic than “four?”) of vintage folding game chairs in a faux-bamboo Hollywood Regency aesthetic (doesn’t that sound so much nicer than “get up?”) that we custom-upholstered in a delicious 1960s-style purple and green floral fabric with a jaunty orange welt. We used the same treatment on the accompanying card table. “These chairs make me want to play canasta,” says John. “They say cocktail hour to me,” says Jason Oliver. “Forget the canasta.”


A pair of vintage cream-hued chests in the style of Dorothy Draper that we picked up in Palm Springs last year. These are NOT Dorothy Draper, they are in her inimitable style so don’t complain if you buy these and thought they are Draper. But these chests are simply delicious, and we want to caress their alabaster skin.


A vintage wood drop-leaf dining table that we purchased down in Florida. This would be perfect for an apartment as you can use this as a sofa table behind a couch and then trot it out for the occasional dinner party. Two in one: Now that’s a quality we just love. Simple, chic with elegant turned legs. Light distressing makes it look like it has been in the family for generations.


A PAIR of comfy-chic slipcovered armchairs in a Decorators Walk floral pattern, a happy, wonderful mix of pink hydrangeas against a green-and-white ground. Perhaps to place before a fireplace or opposite a sofa. Very Dorothy Draper-ama! Just imagine: “Do you prefer the pigs in a blanket or the crudités, Kip? I prefer a good wiener myself. What a lovely night to stay in and sip a cool rose and curl up on this delicious sofa, n’est-ce pas?”


A delicious demilune table, perfect for a foyer.


A PAIR of wonderful armchairs done up in a Beverly Hills Hotel coffee shop-styled fabric from Decorators Walk. The arms are bright yellow and the backs a lively bamboo trellis pattern. These would make a wonderful statement in front of a fireplace or at the ends of a dining table. Truly unique and detail-driven.


A pair of vintage silver metal stools that your favorite design team at John Loecke Inc. had recovered in a wonderfully smart Trina Turk yellow-and-gray pattern. “These are amazing,” says Jason. “Better than a Singapore sling.”


A fabulous, super-comfortable chaise in a jaunty toile with orange buttons and welting.


Tip, Top, Terrific Tastemakers: 2Michaels Design!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The Michaels twins.

The formidable Michaels twins. They define tall, tan, and terrific!

Recently when I was taping a segment for the fabulous folks at Editor at Large on 1st Dibs@NYDC I met the glorious sister/twins design duo Jayne and Joan Michaels of 2Michaels Design. They are not only statuesque and fabulously nice, but their work is incredible and they have an impeccable eye.

2Michaels interior.

A glorious, spare interior by 2Michaels. Um. Chic!

And anyone with a Jayne Mansfield moniker is A-OK in my book, n’est-ce pas?

The sisters are currently at work on a table installation for DIFFA as I type this blog installment, but they very graciously answered my questions in spite of the late hour and the stress of pulling together something marvelous for such a good cause. If you are headed to the DIFFA cocktail party tonight (March 17th), check out their work and laud these hard-working lasses.


Head's up! Jayne Mansfield gives a big ole thumbs up to Miss Jayne Michaels.

Here’s a brief on what to expect from Les Mademoiselles Michaels:

The Michael sisters have teamed up with Roche Bobois, the perfect partner to set their unique table, which pays homage to natural tranquility. Roche Bobois’ Horizon table and bench embrace rustic elegance, nature in the city.  Adding the Syntaxe chairs creates a wonderful mixture of industrial undertones that offset the pure lines, a theme that is further emphasized with the bold Shakti floor lamp.  The table setting, inspired by 19th-century industrialization, will motivate each guest to participate in a labor of love for the good cause. Once again, the 2Michaels have used their peaceful designs to touch and inspire visitors.

Bravo, Jayne and Joan!!! You inspire us.

Here are a few question for these tantalizing twins:

1. Tell us a little bit about your involvement with DIFFA.

Through a friend and fellow designer, we were asked to participate last year in Dining by Design, and we couldn’t resist when we were asked again this year. The people involved are sublime human beings,  gracious, giving, generous, supportive, etc. The cause is vitally important to everyone: helping those afflicted with AIDS.

2. What look or sensibility did you want to create in your installation for DIFFA.


Support DIFFA, the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS!

We came up with a concept of an industrial sewing room at the turn of the century. We created a wall collage using FLOR carpet tiles and plywood. Joan came up with the “totem poles ” which are spools of threads. The gigantic floor lamp was just the right gesture for the space.

3. What do you love about Roche Bobois?

The variety of styles of furniture.  We were obviously well aware of Roche Bobois as a major source for modern furniture, but, I confess, we were astounded by the depth and variety of choices. I’m also amazed at the iconic pieces that they carry, many of which are in design museums.

4. What other projects do you have on the table?

We are working on an apartment on the Upper West Side, a country house in New Paltz, and a TriBeCa loft.  I’m also re-doing my apartment.

Gio Ponti.

Gio Ponti: The Complete Work. If it's good enough for a Michaels sister, sign us up!

5. Favorite design book?

Gio Ponti: The Complete Work.

6. Please pick an item from that you love.

Bronze Age Flatware.

Fabulous Bronze Age flatware from Anthropologie, a Michaels must-have item.

Bronze Age Flatware. It’s utterly chic, simple, and just offbeat enough to make it interesting.

7. What are your summer plans?

Amagansett, can’t wait!

DIFFA 2010.

The 2Michaels table from the 2010 DIFFA event. Don't miss their latest creation for this year's DIFFA to-do!

8. Dream project?

Designing a home for an artist.