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And It’s Showtime!

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Fabulous Fabrics!

As you know, the Madcap Cottage gents are simply mad for wonderful fabrics. Here's a room that we designed a few years back that serves as a testimony to our passion for texture, pattern, and color. See you at the ITMA Showtime Market this weekend in High Point, NC to scope the latest and greatest in textiles and trims.


John and I love nothing more than looking at fabrics… Honestly, it’s perhaps our favorite pastime after drinking cocktails and hanging out with the dogs and doing interpretive dance to the dulcet tunes of Miss Olivia Newton-John in her “Xanadu” days.

Says John, “Fabric gets my heart racing. I love the colors and the patterns and the possibilities. Fabric is transformative… And transfixing.”

I concur as I swirl the blue cheese-infused olive in my vodka martini and peruse the Madcap Cottage-designed living room in which I sit that features about 23 unique fabric patterns and about 63 different trims.

“Fabric and trims are just the best,” I note. “Give me some brush fringe and a blowsy cabbage rose on a fabulous linen, and it’s like the gates of heaven have opened and Mata Hari is doing the dance of the seven veils as liquor flows from the skies like pennies from heaven. I mean, fabric is maybe not so great as winning the lottery, but that has yet to happen, n’est-ce pas?”

As you can see, the Madcap Cottage gents like fabric. And how, and how!

So the Madcaps are over the moon to have been invited to attend this weekend’s ITMA Showtime Market, the twice-annual fabrics show hosted by the International Textile Market Association in our new favorite city of High Point, North Carolina. Convenient, n’est-ce pas? The ITMA Showtime Market takes place from December 8-11, so you can expect the Madcap Cottage boys to be bopping about from showroom to showroom as we take in the latest and greatest in textiles.

“Hello, Covington! Hello, Classical Elements! Hello, jobbers!”

I am still not exactly sure what a jobber is, but I am sure that I will like them.


Oh, how we cannot wait to see what’s trending in textiles right now. Will there be graphics in abundance or bouquets of florals? And will Radiant Orchid rear her purple-clad head?

Stay tuned, and do check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts on all of our finds. From a rundown of which fabulous flower patterns we spotted where to who drank too much and who ran amok, the Madcap Cottage social media plan will keep you covered.

See you in High Point, toots!


High Point Highlights!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Bookish Charms!

Here's John outside of the wonderful and inspiring Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library just down the street from the Krispy Kreme in High Point, North Carolina.


As you know from reading this blog religiously, John and I are simply smitten with High Point, North Carolina. High Point is an amazing small town perfectly situated between two larger cities, Greensboro and Winston-Salem. It’s actually a wonderful walking burg, especially if you live in the charming Emerywood neighborhood. And now that the city is starting its Ignite! program to revitalize its downtown, things are going to heat up even more.

Granted, High Point is a town where you have to dig a bit for the hidden gems. On the restaurant front, I love Blue Zucchini, Kepley’s BBQ, Tipsy’z Tavern, the Penny Path Cafe, and Mayberry. There are some terrific antiques shops, and the homes in Emerywood are gorgeous.

On our last visit to HP, John and I stopped into the Bienenstock Furniture Library on Main Street, and we were frankly blown away.

From the Bienenstock Furniture Library website:

“With more than 5,000 furniture and design specific volumes, The Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library is the largest furniture specialty library in the world. The rare book collection contains volumes published since 1640 and includes a collection of the original works of 18th century furniture masters Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite, as well as a complete 26 volume set of Diderot’s Encyclopedia published in 1776.

This is one of the few, if not the only place in the world where design professionals, scholars, students, and the public can don a pair of white gloves and examine the original works of the pioneer designers in our industry.”

John and I were in heaven as we browsed the amazing books that fill this charming former private home. We cannot wait to hunker down for a few days amongst the collection and cull inspiration.

Next time you are in High Point–perhaps in the days leading up to fall market–stop in at the Bienenstock. It’s true treasure!

Shelf Life!

Design enthusiasts will go nuts for the bookshelves that are filled with every design book imaginable.

Be Seated!

The Bienenstock interior is chic and contemporary, and there are plenty of comfortable seats for settling in to peruse the amazing design books.


Beachy Keen!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Deep Blue Sea!

Here's the living room of a beach cottage in East Hampton, New York that John and I designed several years back. Note the soothing tones of blue and white paired with a mix of patterns. We also added some whimsical elements such as the wicker table to make sure that the space looked "layered" and never too retail. John and I used indoor/outdoor fabrics throughout this space to keep the feeling "easy-breezy." We don't ever want to create interiors that are too precious where you can't spill the odd glass of wine. Poo-poo the precious, we say!


Morning! John and I are off to meet with a fabric company that might want to do a partnership with us… Stay tuned, we are super excited! And tomorrow we are driving down to High Point, North Carolina to take some meetings and meet a real estate agent, dogs in tow. We are on a multi-year plan to get out of New York City, and we are thinking that the Emorywood neighborhood in High Point might be the perfect next step. Stay tuned on that, too!

Turn to the image of the cozy East Hampton, New York cottage, above, that John and I designed a few years back. Why not bring some beachy-chic style into your home this summer. Think blue-and-white hues with lots of throw pillows and eclectic objects. And don’t think that a “refresh” need be expensive. Why not turn to spot-on retailers such as Restoration Hardware, World Market, and others to tweak your space. And, of course, don’t overlook flea markets and yard sales… As John always says, “Good taste need not be expensive, but it should always be expressive.”

See you in North Carolina!


Loving Our New La-Z-Boy!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Truck Stop!

The La-Z-Boy truck arrives at Chester Court in Brooklyn. The delivery men were so lovely and nice and accommodating... They must not be from New York.



As I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, John and I were invited to design our own La-Z-Boy chair when we were in High Point, North Carolina in the fall for the twice-annual furniture market. And we were thrilled to create something fresh and fun, with a dash of the Madcap Cottage flair.

Frankly, John and I were surprised by the range of La-Z-Boy products… I had always thought of La-Z-Boy as being stuffy recliners that maybe my grandparents owned and that sat in front of their honker-sized stereo-cabinet television set in Sarasota, Florida. Actually, this is an exact portrait of my grandparents in Florida, ha!

Well, La-Z-Boy has come a long way. John and I chose a lovely spindle chair and selected fabrics from the La-Z-Boy range. Sadly, we couldn’t add different weltings or tweak other elements of our chair, but we are still deliciously happy with the results. We had hoped to customize the lumbar pillow on the chair to match the ottoman fabric, but that wasn’t possible… We should do a pop-up collection for La-Z-Boy, n’est-ce pas? It’s all about the details, folks.

The chair? The Caroline Stationary Occasional Chair.

The ottoman? The Caroline Ottoman.

The fabrics?

Chair upholstery: Bronze Q959148
Ottoman: Raja Q974107 Zamira


What do you think of the results? Chic, comfortable, and a great price point!

In with the New!

The La-Z-Boy delivery gents carry our new chair and ottoman into our basement office on Chester Court. We couldn't wait to see our creation.

Wrap Star!

The very nice delivery man from La-Z-Boy unwraps the Caroline chair and ottoman. Note the photo of me and John with design editor Tori Mellott in the background.

Et Voila!

Here's our brand-new La-Z-Boy chair with the Madcap Cottage "tweaks." Apparently, John and I are the first people ever to create a La-Z-Boy product where the chair fabric and ottoman fabric don't match. Go figure! The black finish on the frame provides a bold, but works-anywhere neutral tone.


Learn by Looking!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Shelf Life!

John explores terrific stacking bookshelves at the Baker Furniture showroom in High Point, NC. Bring these ideas home. Why not go to your local unfinished furniture store and purchase bookcases that you can paint at home and then stack. Paint the exterior of the shelf black and the interior a rich color for contrast. And note the curtain behind John that helps separate the room into two distinct sections. Genius! And simple.


This past week has been a wonderful whirl… John and I arrived in High Point, North Carolina, and we have so enjoyed lapping up the trends and exploring the fabulous showrooms that dot the so-called furniture capital of the world.

John and I also love the styling that goes into creating amazing showrooms in High Point, and we always walk away with loads of inspiration and take-away ideas. And many of these ideas can be recreated at home without breaking the bank.

This evening John and I toured the wonderful Baker Furniture showroom–truly a High Point favorite–and we were totally inspired.

Mellow Yellow!

Pair books by color on your shelves. Or wrap your books in colorful paper to add some visual interest. Here, some clever ideas for storing books at Baker Furniture.

Layered Looks!

Layering is an important aspect of creating a wonderful, inviting room. Here, an eclectic mix of furniture in a Baker Furniture model room creates a unique look, especially when paired with vintage artwork, mismatched table lamps, and an oversized Chinese lantern that dangles overhead. And note the layered rugs...

Cook the Books!

A Barbara Barry twin bed at the Baker Furniture showroom sits in front of photo wallpaper of books in bold colors. What a fun way to create a high-impact wall covering that is totally bespoke and brilliant. Search online for a company like Casart that can create interesting, custom wallpapers.


Hello, High Point!

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

High Point Honies!

Here I am in the beauty pageant, I mean, the Style Spotter program at this season's High Point Market that kicks-off today. John and I leave for High Point, NC and the furniture shows this morning. See you at the Cracker Barrel in Virginia, folks! Crank up the Lana del Rey and crack open a beer.


Morning! It has been an especially busy week as John and I returned from Europe and then we went into the photo shoot for our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale that hits the airwaves on November 13th. So mark those calendars!

And apologies that my blog posts have been few and far between this week, it’s been a whirl.

Today, we are road-tripping down to High Point, NC for the twice-annual furniture market. John and I love our visits to High Point as we get to see old friends and scope the latest and greatest trends that will soon be hitting showrooms, magazines, and retail stores near you. And Jasper and Weenie will be traveling with us, too, and they go ape-shit for a good road trip.

I am lucky enough to have been named as a “Style Spotter” for this High Point market, so I will be going around with a handful of other top-tier design bloggers and reporting back on my favorite finds. I am the only boy amongst a gaggle of glamorous women, so bring on the testosterone.

Here’s the official release from the High Point brass on what the Style Spotters do:

“Style Spotters are trendsetters that see ahead of the curve in home fashion trends. Watch for them at Market as they walk the show, capturing images of their favorite looks and on-trend products. The Style Spotters will pin those photos to their Pinterest board and will list the exhibitor’s name and showroom number. They will also present the exhibitor with a sign that highlights the Style Spotter’s name with a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board.”

So get ready, I am no shrinking violet when it comes to my likes and dislikes. I hear you like the bad girls, honey, is that true? Sadly, I do not get to wear a sash or a tiara as I Style Spot, but I am sure I will come up with some equally fetching get-up as I perform my official duties.

See you in High Point, folks!


By George, Let’s Talk High Point!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

By George!

Here's a photo that John snapped of me aboard our pal Greg Tepper's boat in the middle of Lake George, New York this morning. Lake George is simply stunning and so relaxed!


Wishing you all an amazing Labor Day ahead… John and I are upstate New York after spending a lovely night with pals on gorgeous Lake George.

While I am taking a few days off, I am also working on my fall schedule and am booking my appointments for the Fall High Point Market in North Carolina that takes place from October 13-18. As you probably know, High Point is when editors and buyers come together to see the latest furniture creations that will soon be hitting the market. The market takes place twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This is John’s 17th year of attending High Point and my 8th… We love a High Point trip: It’s a terrific opportunity to scope trends and connect with old friends.

Here’s a video I did for Editor at Large that talks about how to navigate the streets and showrooms of High Point. Enjoy!

Let's Talk High Point!

Click on the image, above, to watch me interview all sorts of fabulous folks about why they visit High Point and how they get around. Ooh, this isn't a good screen capture... I look sort of crazy and bug eyed. Just watch the video, folks. Wink!


Style Spotting in High Point!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Material Moment!

The dynamic Julia Buckingham Edelmann of the Material Girls blog asked me about my upcoming adventures in Style Spotter land at the fall High Point Market in North Carolina. To read what I have to say, click on the image, above. Thank you, Julia, for the very lovely mention.


John and I are up in Maine and having a blast bopping about the myriad antiques shops on Route 1 and stopping for fried clams along the way. J’adore Maine. But more about our divine Down East finds in a post later this week.

On another note, I was recently thrilled to find out that I had been named a Style Spotter for the fall High Point Market: Basically, I will wander around the show and, along with my fellow Style Spotters, get to select my favorite items.

Let’s go, and how, furniture manufacturers: I am ready for some BIG, BOLD TECHNICOLOR MOMENTS AND NO BEIGE, so you better give me furnishings in all sorts of acid hues and mirrors festooned with bananas and coconuts, or this Style Spotter will not be happy. And make sure to have comfortable seating in your showroom or perhaps a bed so that I can take a breather and then serve me a big glass of wine to keep me running like the Energizer Bunny. And I like that southern pimento cheese and other nibblies scattered about to keep me fortified.

One of my fellow Style Spotters, the lovely Julia Buckingham Edelmann of the Material Girls blog, asked me a few questions about how I plan to approach my Style Spotting adventures in High Point, so read my responses by clicking on the image at the top of this installment.

Meanwhile, I am off to enjoy a lobster roll and a glass of Sancerre. Giddyup!


Knock, Knock… From Scoping Trends to Nifty Knockers!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Trusty Trendspotters!

Here we are the Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago with our fellow Silestone trendspotters Kim Lewis and Mark Williams as well as Silestone's delicious Patty Dominguez and Lorenzo Marquez.


And we are back…

John and I drove from New York to High Point, North Carolina last weekend to attend the furniture shows and then we drove to Florida to see my parents and then we hopped on a plane to attend the Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago where we were invited by Silestone quartz surfaces to be trendspotters. Frankly, no one can sniff out a trend better than John and me, so we spotted and spotted then spotted some more. Ooh, I love figuring out what’s hot and happening, n’est-ce pas? And we are CRAZY about the folks at Silestone–what a delicious dream team!

And that was all in the space of four days, so you can see why I have not posted any new blog installments this week. It has been go, go, and go! And while I love being the ever-traveling jet-setter, I needed a little bit of a break from my life as a blog.

John and I wrapped up our Kitchen and Bath Show adventures yesterday and flew back from Chicago to Florida, and we are now happily ensconced in Tampa at my parents’ home. It’s in the mid-70s, and we are sitting on the patio with wine in hand and catching up on some work. The dogs love being in Florida: Jasper and Weenie are currently lounging about al fresco and soaking up the rays. We are off to Sarasota tomorrow for a little beach time–and, of course, we will be browsing the antiques shops in nearby Arcadia, Florida, a favorite source for bric-a-brac brilliance.

But let’s go back a few weeks to our adventures in China…

I thought I’d highlight a few design “moments” that really inspired us… As you know from reading this blog religiously, I love nothing more than a good pair of boadacious knockers. Door knockers, that is.

There’s nothing like some paint on a door and a divine knocker to make an impact. So knock, knock then knock some more… Just be sure to knock your knocker out of the park.

So here’s a look at some of the best knockers I spotted in China.


Knock, Knock, Knock!

A glorious lozenge-shaped black door with knockers shaped like hands. How clever, how chic!

Bright and Shiny!

John knocks the silver-covered door knocker at our room at the Waldorf Astoria on the Bund hotel in Shanghai.

Diabolical Devil!

A devilish-looking gent makes a major impact upon a fortress-like door.

Scarlet Fever!

A bright red door and gilt accessories at the fabled Forbidden City in Beijing.

Red or Dead!

A delicious impact thanks to a lacquer-red door with golden detailing and bright blue punctuation marks overhead.



Antiques Shopping in North Carolina!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

China Syndrome!

Here I am with a fabulous vintage railing from Greensboro, NC's first Chinese restaurant that I picked up in an antiques mall near High Point. I plan to turn this into a very chic dog gate to keep Weenie and Jasper tucked away in our kitchen. And the little foo dog is going to become the top to a banister on our stairs. You never know what you are going to find while antiquing, and I love that sense of discovery and wonder.


Can you keep up with us? We are constantly moving from spot to spot so this blog might seem like a big old case of ADD. We jump from New York to Europe to North Carolina to LA and then back to North Carolina. Well, that’s part of our charm. We are constantly scampering about like grown-up Eloises and sucking up ideas like a sponge to water or, better yet, a barfly to wine.

So let’s go back a few weeks to North Carolina where we visited for the High Point furniture market. Naturally, the schedule was jam packed with showroom visits and tours, but John and I always fit in enough time to hit up the wonderful antiques shops both in High Point and nearby Greensboro. And, frankly, we drive to High Point instead of flying largely because we know we will need the car to haul back our stash.

So here’s a peak at some of our discoveries.

But what’s the take away from our adventures?

Whenever you travel, be sure to hit up local antiques shops and flea markets. You will often discover wonderful, regionally driven niches. For instance, on a recent jaunt to Annapolis we encountered loads of period British furnishings and bric-a-brac as well as Federal-style finds. In Florida, we discovered gobs of Hollywood Regency and folk art. And, of course, Palm Springs, California is a treasure trove for Mid-Century Modern. Pack some zippered L.L. Bean Boat & Tote bags in your suitcase so that you can load up on your finds. Or locate a local shipping service that can pack up your treasures and send them home.


Amazing Antiques!

Here's the interior of our pal Tony Sink's antiques shop on Main Street in High Point. Tony has a spot-on eye and curates a gorgeous collection of retro finds.


Use antiques shops as inspiration, too. We didn't buy this pagoda-inspired valance, but we are certainly now inspired to craft something similar.

Lunch Break!

Lunch break! A divine loaded hamburger at The Dog House in High Point. I love how The Dog House serves their food on paper right on the counter sans plate. Kind of wacky but fabulous!


Check out these amazing vintage KFC bucket pendant lights! Um, chic. I am totally into retro Kentucky Fried Chicken and Howard Johnson's anything...

Bow Down!

A glorious shelf bracket with a delicious little Asian gentleman in native garb. Isn't this divine? We unearthed two and their names are Ho Ho and Ha Ha. They are simply swell...