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Putting on the Ritz!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Paris When It Sizzles!

Here's John standing in the gorgeous Place Vendome outside the Hotel Ritz Paris last Christmas. We had just taken the overnight train from Berlin to Paris, and some R&R at the fabled Ritz certainly soothed our travel-weary selves.


Happy Election Day! John and I stood in line for 3 hours today to vote in Brooklyn… The situation was a mess… And there were no writing utensils to be had to fill-in the voting SAT exam-like “bubbles” once we made it inside. Happily, we happened to have a pen in our bag… Wow! Didn’t we learn anything from the whole “chad” situation a few years back?

On another–and more serene and lovely–note, I thought I would revisit our stay at the fabled Hotel Ritz Paris last holiday season. John and I are so lucky to experience some really amazing hotels, and the Ritz certainly ranks right up there. The Ritz recently closed for a multi-year renovation, so John and I were thrilled to stay for a few nights before the hostelry shuttered its doors for a top-to-bottom overhaul.

I have been to Paris many, many times, but I had never stepped foot inside the Ritz. Frankly, the hotel scared me. I figured that I would be looked down upon or told that the hotel was for guests only or something. But, no, I could not have been more mistaken: The staff was beyond lovely and gracious. There was none of the Parisian attitude that I have come to expect in the City of Lights. And our hotel room, although certainly ready for a bit of freshening up, was luxe and very spacious… And the views over the city were stunning. And don’t even get me started on the myriad call buttons scattered about the bedroom and bath to ring the maid and the valet. I delighted by sitting in the tub and pulling the cord entitled “Maid.”

I cannot wait to see the Ritz when it reopens in two years.

And now it’s time to open some wine and watch the election results…

Deluxe Digs!

Here's our very luxe bedroom on the top floor of the Hotel Ritz Paris. John and I loved all of the gold detailing... Very Marie-Antoinette, n'est ce-pas?

And So to Bed!

An assortment of buttons to push beside the bed. I kept pushing buttons, and John got mad every time there was a knock on the door because of my antics. The "femme de chambre" and I became quite close.

Room with a View!

Here's the stunning view from our room at the Ritz. The Vendome Column in the distance sits in the center of the famous Place Vendome, the Ritz's main entrance.

Marble Marvel!

Here's our marble-clad bathroom with its gold-plated swan faucets. I felt like the Queen of Sheba in this fabulous and over-the-top loo.

Maid in the Shade!

I loved these two pulls in the bathtub for ringing the Maid and the Valet. I want these at home, n'est-ce pas? Fabulous. The Maid was very accommodating and was more than happy to add more hot water to my tub.