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Viva Liberace!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Loco Liberace!

Performer extraordinaire Liberace pushed the boundaries, both in life and in interior design. How about this crazy-ass bathtub?! I want one.


As you know, sometimes John and I live by the “more of more is more” sentiment… Not that we are always over-the-top, but it can be fun to push the envelope.

Someone who certainly lived life over-the-top was renowned performer Liberace… Watch for his biopic, Behind the Candelabra, to air on May 26, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Yesterday, the New York Post asked me my thoughts on Liberace’s interior design aesthetic and whether we will see mirrored pianos and gobs of chandeliers hitting interiors anytime soon.

And here is what I said…

Flickering Flame!

Click on the image, above, to read my comments about Liberace style in today's New York Post.


Gorgeous! Glamour! Glitter! Get Ready!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Think Pink!

A pair of stunning and custom ikat-upholstered chairs that we are offering at our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale on November 13th. Think pink, folks! This sale is going to kick some major ass.


Have you marked your calendars for our next One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale on November 13? It’s going to be an extravagant extravaganza, and how, and how!



Crank up the Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Dear Prudence,” and get ready to shop. Think gorgeous. And there will be LOTS of small and affordable holiday gifts, too!!!

Cocktail sets. Mirrors. Chairs. Lamps. Out-of-this-world objects. Sofas. Tables. Whimsical wonders.

Here’s a taste of our stash… We have 300 items going into the sale.

Shell Seekers!

Vintage brass seashells and a shell box to add some briny brilliance to a table in your home.

Floral Fever!

A vintage floral-embellished coffee set with a matching tray. Total fetch!

Get Lit!

Our One Kings Lane sale will offer gobs of gorgeous lamps, like this pair of beautifully detailed Chinoiserie table lamps.

Winging It!

John and I crafted this wingback chair in marvelous Indian-inspired fabrics. Anchor a room that lacks pizzazz with this perch. Who needs pie when there's India?

Think India!

A pair of armchairs upholstered in multiple Indian-influenced fabrics... Comfort. Check! Clever. Check! Totally unique! Naturally.

Bench Set!

A Chinoiserie-styled bench with a fetching floral pillow that the Madcap Cottage gents crafted from a fabulous retro fabric. Jason's mom had this fabric in her bedroom circa-1975.

Game Face!

A wonderful burled wood card table with Chinoiserie chairs done up in a pink upholstery that are totally bananas.

Petal Pusher!

A gorgeous armchair with all sorts of floral patterns as only the Madcap Cottage boys can do. Push some petals, blossom dearies.


Shaking Our Moneymakers for Tobi Fairley!

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Fairley Tame!

Be sure to read our guest installment on the lovely interior designer Tobi Fairley's blog. John and I were asked our Expert Advice, and so we gave it, and gave it good. Click on the image, above, to read our wry martini of a linguistic cocktail.


I hope you have had a fabulous, relaxing weekend! John and I are upstate and have been getting Madcap Cottage into order: The recent heatwave has our plants needing some major TLC, so we have been watering wildly and drinking wine all weekend. Happily, my dance card is nearly empty this week, so I plan to spend much of the upcoming few days happily ensconced in tiny Hobart, New York.

Today, John and I woke up to a lovely and generous blog installment from our pal Tobi Fairley, the Little Rock, Arkansas-based interior designer who also has her well-manicured hands in all sorts of other businesses. Tobi has been running a series on “Expert Advice” on her blog, so she graciously asked me and John to offer up the goods on what we have learned along the way.

And, as you know, we are no shrinking violets when it comes to offering advice. We are tempestuous tulips and reckless roses to paraphrase E.M. Forster. Give us a microphone, and we will probably pole dance whilst reciting William Carlos Williams poetry as we shake our moneymakers hither and yon and yon again.

So little did Tobi Fairley know what she was getting into when she gave us her platform.

Let’s get down and dirty, designerati.

Read it and weep. Hopefully, as you chuckle.

Enjoy… And thank you, Tobi!


Den of Earthly Delights!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Nice Basket!

My parents' den circa 1982 in our former house--a massive Mediterranean number built in the 1920s--on Davis Islands in Tampa, Florida. The fabulous basket weave wallpaper and upholstery covered everything in the room, including the ceiling and doors. Brilliant! And look at the actual baskets scattered about, fabulous.


John and I wish all of you a fabulous July 4th holiday… I plan to craft Betsy Ross-inspired blueberry and strawberry daiquiris at my parents’ beach house on Siesta Key, Florida and wave a few flags and stumble down to the beach for the fireworks display.

Meanwhile, I am still in Tampa and going through old photos. I came upon this slightly out-of-focus-but-still-wonderful snapshot of our den circa 1982. In a fabulous fit of whimsy, my parents covered their entire TV room in a jaunty basket weave-patterned wallpaper–including the ceiling and closet doors–and then painted the room’s molding banana leaf green. And then they stenciled giant banana leaves upon the floor. Amazing, huh? Can you see where much of my inspiration comes from? In this photo, my grandmother Gayle is holding court to the left while my aunt Phyllis holds my baby sister Jennifer Alice. The only thing missing are a few cocktails on a tray.

I am totally inspired by this vintage room, so watch for basket weave patterns to soon show up in the designs at Madcap Cottage.

Have a fabulous 4th!


Please Come to Our Open House!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Hello, Handsomes!

Please come tour our Brooklyn home on Sunday, June 3, courtesy of the Lefferts Manor Association. There will be nine homes and gardens on the tour. Mark your calendars!


I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend… The weather has been glorious in New York, so we have been lapping up the sun!

Next weekend John and I will host our World-Famous Annual Memorial Day Weekend and Vintage Finds Bonanza Yard Sale at Madcap Cottage in Hobart, New York, so DO swing by if you plan to be in the Catskills.

Our yard sale, as usual, is going to be totally killer. Bang-bang, babycakes.

And then on Sunday, June 3, John and I are opening our home in Brooklyn for the annual Lefferts Manor Association. You’ve seen our home published in Domino, New York magazine, and British House & Garden, and now you can come over, too. The tour is $20 (or $25 on the day of the tour) and includes several wonderful homes and gardens in our neighborhood as well as refreshments.

So come see where the madness and the magic takes place.



Marvelous & Magnificent… Welcome to Madcap Cottage!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Madcap and Marvelous!

Check out the holding page for our new-and-improved interior design company, Madcap Cottage, that will launch on February 25th. Goodbye, John Loecke, Inc., and hello, Madcap Cottage! Click on the image, above, to visit our teaser.


As you may or may not know, we are re-branding John Loecke, Inc. as Madcap Cottage, so get ready…

And part of our re-branding program is the launch of our new website, It’s been great fun going through past interior design projects and reviewing which images will go up on the new website. Think of it as a walk down memory lane, from Manhattan apartments to New Orleans shotgun-style homes and a Des Moines, Iowa bungalow.

Take a look at some of our far-flung projects that will soon appear on

And get ready for our re-launch on February 25th…


Portfolio Page 1!

Meet me at Madcap Cottage... A look back at some of our favorite interior design projects that will soon appear in the Portfolio section of

Portfolio Page 2!

More madcap and marvelous designs from the boys at Madcap Cottage...

Porfolio Page 3!

Another eclectic mix...


Hello, Ivy & Piper!

Monday, November 21st, 2011


Ivy & Piper!

Check out the "pages" of Australian design blog/magazine Ivy & Piper to view a color-packed project that John and I designed on Long Island, New York.


We are crazy for the gals at Ivy & Piper, the Australian design blog-cum-magazine out of Brisbane, Australia. And they, like us, embrace color and pattern, so, of course, we are all fast friends.

We were thrilled when Ivy & Piper’s luscious Elizabeth and Melanie decided to run one of John Loecke, Inc.’s design projects in their first-anniversary edition. Situated on New York’s Long Island, this cottage sits upon a former farm estate, and the goal was to capture some city-styled glamour in a remarkably rural setting (and yet only one hour from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan!).

So here are a few pages from the latest edition of Ivy & Piper that feature little old us. Click on the image at the top of this installment then jump to page 82 to see the entire John Loecke, Inc. project.

Thank you, Ivy & Piper! You. Rock.



Here we are striking a pose on the pages of Ivy & Piper. "Colourful Comfort," I love that!

More, More!

I've run this image on the blog before... The home's bar, a former closet that we stripped of its doors and added curtains. Why not try this at your own home? So chic, so easy!

More, more, more!

The living room of the home. We added loads of patterns and colors into this space, but the room is decidedly cool and soothing and sophisticated. We striped the floor to mask the beat-up wood.


Wild Card Wednesday: Big Love, Big Chair Dilemmas!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Venetian chair!

Here's one of the Venetian-styled dining chairs that we need to have recovered.

We are putting you all to work.

So we need to “crowd source” our blogerati followers. We bought a set of fabulous Venetian-styled dining chairs on eBay, and we want to recover them in fabulous floral-patterned fabrics (ooh, I love alliteration!). We want to make a big impact. Of course, we will be using welts in contrasting hues to really make the fabrics “pop.”

Tell us which fabric is your favorite and why. You might just get a blog installment if you “sell” us on your selection.

So get to writing and tell us which fabric gets you hot and bothered. Send us a comment to let us know your selection!


Fabric #1!

OPTION #1: Here's a cabbage blossom print from a remnant pile at Hancock Fabrics.

Flower fabric #2!

OPTION #2: A dark-and-lovely selection from Cowtan & Tout.

Flower fabric #3!

OPTION #3: We love this rose-a-licious pattern from Bassett McNab.

Fabric pattern #4!

OPTION #4: Pink perfection from Josef Frank.

Fabric pattern #5!

OPTION #5: Osborne & Little kicks it out of the field.