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Dreaming of India!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Scarlet Fever!

Our our recent trip to India, John and I were lucky enough to take a Jeep tour through the Thar desert near Jodhpur. We loved being in the middle of this incredibly arid landscape and seeing native villagers dressed in every color of the rainbow. The Indian color sensibility is revelatory.


Our heartfelt wishes to friends who are combating the devastation of Hurricane Sandy… We are thinking about you!

John and I made out A-OK in Brooklyn, and we were lucky enough to not have the power go off and there was no damage to our home. We are very thankful…

Today I needed a little color-packed pick-me-up, so I turned my sights upon the sights and smells of India. As you may remember, John and I visited India last year, and we immediately fell in love with the country. It’s a heady mix of extreme contrasts, but somehow it all works. We were completely transfixed. And transfigured.

One of my most favorite afternoons in India was a Jeep tour that we did of the Thar desert outside of Jodhpur when we visited native villages and viewed local wildlife. John and I were especially moved by the juxtaposition of the arid desert and the wonderfully rich hues worn by local villagers. We would turn a corner in the middle of nowhere, and there would be a woman in the most stunning pinks, greens, and blues with a jug perched atop her head. The sky was exceptionally clear, and the colors stood out like a Technicolor film clip against the dry, dry landscape.

Here are a few snapshots from our visit.

Tip, Top Tour!

Here I am in the Jeep during our wonderful tour of the beautiful Thar desert.

Chop, Chop!

Check out this elegant gentleman trimming his tree in a stunning white get-up paired with a bright red turban. What a gorgeous contrast against the very arid landscape!

Nice Jug!

Check out this frisky lady en route from the well with a big plastic jug upon her head. Did this woman choose to wear beige? Hell, no! Kudos that color plays such an important role in India. Would you have worn such eye-popping hues to visit your local well?

Green with Envy!

I loved this gigantic pile of pale green melons sitting by the roadside. The sudden "pops" of color that we experienced during our Jeep tour were simply gorgeous.


Weekend Warrior: Jonesing for Jodhpur!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


Jason Oliver and John "do" the Blue City, aka Jodhpur. Here we are at the Mehrangarh Fort. Later that day, Jason draped himself in marigold necklaces and ran around the private patio of his hotel room dancing a frug to the music of Miss Alison Goldfrapp, but that's another story altogether. John looks very serious, huh? Actually, the two of us seem to be channeling a Charlie's Angels-type pose. We must have been a bit peevish for some reason.


As you probably know if you are a religious follower of this blog (and if you aren’t, I need your phone number so I can ring you up right this very second and curse like a stevedore and say evil things about your couch), you know that John and I spent last November in India. And I am dreaming of India right this second…

Sigh. Such a magical, extreme, glorious, filthy, rich, layered, spiritual, amazing, and poor country. And yet the take-away is sublime.

Mumbai is fine. Too New York-y for my taste.

Jaipur is interesting.

Delhi is monumental.

But my heart belongs to Jodhpur.

Situated in the glorious state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur packs a colorful punch like nowhere I have ever been. The light! The acid-hued saris! The desert and the juxtapositions of the arid and the mirage-like villages that rise like fever dreams from the dunes! The Brahman blue walls! The sand castle-like architecture! Swoon, swoon, swoon!

Blue Velvet!

Here's a view of the Brahman neighborhood of Jodhpur. The Brahman caste are associated with a rich blue hue. Chic, huh? I want to stripe a wall in that magical purple-ish Brahman blue or maybe lacquer a hutch or a chair...

So you may never get to India: It took me 41 goddamn years to get over there.

Regardless, those Indians in Rajasthan should come over to the United States and gives us a big old lecture about color theory.

Here’s what a little Rajasthani lady would say about mixing color:

“Yes, it’s OK to mix lime green with purple, red, banana yellow, and orange.”


“Aqua is a terrific neutral that should be punched-up with pink, cerulean, and kumquat.”

Um, bliss.

We Americans are so damn safe when it comes to color.

“Is it OK to mix beige and white with greige?”

Catch me, Jesus! I just can’t take it.

So why not channel a little Jodhpur-style flair this weekend, and paint a room bright, bright, bright pink, green, and yellow. Or at least a wall. Or some molding.

Then send us some photos of your handiwork.

Rajasthani Ladies!

These top Rajasthani ladies know a thing or three about color. Put them in a beige room, and they would probably kick your boring ass straight to the curb like Wonder Woman fighting for your rights in her satin tights.