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An iVillage “Before” and “After!”

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

The Boring "Before!"

Here's a "before" image of a project that John and I tackled on Long Island a few years back. The iVillage website has featured this project as part of their "before" and "after" series. Click on the image, above, to see the "after" image of our design and to view the projects of some of our peers...


I hope you had a splendiferous weekend! John and I are still in London and head back tomorrow… It’s been an amazing trip.

On another note, the iVillage site recently invited us to submit a “before” and after” project, and the project has just gone online. Take a look, and let me know what you think. This was a fun project because John and I tackled much of the fix-it work ourselves, including painting the beat-up wood floors and thinking up creative ways to mask the wonky walls.

We love to hear feedback!


Wild Card Wednesday: Old Westbury Gardens!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Old Westbury Gardens.

The back facade of Old Westbury Gardens. The gardens at this Gold Coast estate are amazing!

John and I are crazy, insane, over the moon, nutty for Old Westbury Gardens.

If you live in the Tristate region and have not visited this amazing, historic home and gardens in Old Westbury, Long Island, it’s time to make a trip. Actually, you probably HAVE visited the glorious brick-clad estate if you have seen films such as North by Northwest (Cary Grant is forced to drink a bottle of bourbon here at the “home” of Mr. Townsend. Jason’s favorite quote from this flick is, “Not Lara’s Mercedes!” Fabulous!), Love Story, and Cruel Intentions with the hot Reese Witherspoon and even hotter Ryan Phillippe.


The 18th-century gates to Old Westbury that were shipped from England to Long Island.

And the estate has been featured prominently in ad campaigns for everyone from Asprey to Ralph Lauren. When I was the Editor in Chief of Gotham magazine, we used to shoot fashion stories at the property all the time. Gold Coast glamour, all within an hour of Manhattan!


A duo of sphinxes hold court in the gardens at Old Westbury. I adore a good vintage sphinx. So chic and quasi-Egyptian!

Completed in 1906 for John Shaffer Phipps and his British-born bride Margarita, this sprawling, 160-acre property eventually fell out of private ownership and opened to the public in 1959. The rooms are amazing (I am crazy for the John Singer Sargent portrait of “Mrs. Henry Phipps and Her Grandson Winston” hanging in the dining room. By the by, Winston would marry this week’s Demystifying Design heroine C.Z. Guest!) and the gardens are glorious, especially the walled garden. Gorgeous!

C.Z. Guest.

Viva C.Z. Guest! Long live C.Z. Gone, but not forgotten!

Walled garden.

Inside the gorgeous walled garden at Old Westbury. I want to move in here. So glorious.

Plan to spend a half day at this Gilded Age estate and give generously if you can. The home needed a new roof, last I heard. And that’s a several million-dollar capital improvement. There aren’t many estates like this left on Long Island, so appreciate its glory and historic merits.

The property is out of this world.