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High Point Highlights!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Bookish Charms!

Here's John outside of the wonderful and inspiring Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library just down the street from the Krispy Kreme in High Point, North Carolina.


As you know from reading this blog religiously, John and I are simply smitten with High Point, North Carolina. High Point is an amazing small town perfectly situated between two larger cities, Greensboro and Winston-Salem. It’s actually a wonderful walking burg, especially if you live in the charming Emerywood neighborhood. And now that the city is starting its Ignite! program to revitalize its downtown, things are going to heat up even more.

Granted, High Point is a town where you have to dig a bit for the hidden gems. On the restaurant front, I love Blue Zucchini, Kepley’s BBQ, Tipsy’z Tavern, the Penny Path Cafe, and Mayberry. There are some terrific antiques shops, and the homes in Emerywood are gorgeous.

On our last visit to HP, John and I stopped into the Bienenstock Furniture Library on Main Street, and we were frankly blown away.

From the Bienenstock Furniture Library website:

“With more than 5,000 furniture and design specific volumes, The Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library is the largest furniture specialty library in the world. The rare book collection contains volumes published since 1640 and includes a collection of the original works of 18th century furniture masters Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite, as well as a complete 26 volume set of Diderot’s Encyclopedia published in 1776.

This is one of the few, if not the only place in the world where design professionals, scholars, students, and the public can don a pair of white gloves and examine the original works of the pioneer designers in our industry.”

John and I were in heaven as we browsed the amazing books that fill this charming former private home. We cannot wait to hunker down for a few days amongst the collection and cull inspiration.

Next time you are in High Point–perhaps in the days leading up to fall market–stop in at the Bienenstock. It’s true treasure!

Shelf Life!

Design enthusiasts will go nuts for the bookshelves that are filled with every design book imaginable.

Be Seated!

The Bienenstock interior is chic and contemporary, and there are plenty of comfortable seats for settling in to peruse the amazing design books.


Learn by Looking!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Shelf Life!

John explores terrific stacking bookshelves at the Baker Furniture showroom in High Point, NC. Bring these ideas home. Why not go to your local unfinished furniture store and purchase bookcases that you can paint at home and then stack. Paint the exterior of the shelf black and the interior a rich color for contrast. And note the curtain behind John that helps separate the room into two distinct sections. Genius! And simple.


This past week has been a wonderful whirl… John and I arrived in High Point, North Carolina, and we have so enjoyed lapping up the trends and exploring the fabulous showrooms that dot the so-called furniture capital of the world.

John and I also love the styling that goes into creating amazing showrooms in High Point, and we always walk away with loads of inspiration and take-away ideas. And many of these ideas can be recreated at home without breaking the bank.

This evening John and I toured the wonderful Baker Furniture showroom–truly a High Point favorite–and we were totally inspired.

Mellow Yellow!

Pair books by color on your shelves. Or wrap your books in colorful paper to add some visual interest. Here, some clever ideas for storing books at Baker Furniture.

Layered Looks!

Layering is an important aspect of creating a wonderful, inviting room. Here, an eclectic mix of furniture in a Baker Furniture model room creates a unique look, especially when paired with vintage artwork, mismatched table lamps, and an oversized Chinese lantern that dangles overhead. And note the layered rugs...

Cook the Books!

A Barbara Barry twin bed at the Baker Furniture showroom sits in front of photo wallpaper of books in bold colors. What a fun way to create a high-impact wall covering that is totally bespoke and brilliant. Search online for a company like Casart that can create interesting, custom wallpapers.


Huh, Huh, Hello, High Point!

Sunday, October 9th, 2011


Here we are at the Hickory Chair showroom with the wildly talented, salty Alexa Hampton. She is one delicious minx! And look at those scarlet-red fingernails. Shanghai-o-rama!


I hope your weekend rocked. We worked all weekend on projects, but it was quite fun nevertheless. Interior design is sort of like arts and crafts projects: Bust out the scissors and the glue and don’t color outside the lines.

And I made lots of tacos: I am sort of on a whole “taco kit” kick right now. Whip up some turkey hamburger, slice up some red peppers, broil the tacos for 2 minutes, and voila!, a romantic evening in Acapulco. I love a good semi-homemade dinner.

I have just finalized our High Point, North Carolina schedule for the upcoming furniture shows at the end of the month. As you may or may not know, the furniture community comes together twice a year in High Point to launch their new products, and it’s all a big hullaballoo. Frankly, John and I love High Point: It’s like old friends week plus we get to scope all the new sofas, chairs, and settees and there’s always gobs of liquor and fried chicken and weirdy, yet fabulous Southern dishes like pimento cheese. I am in heaven: Processed food and booze. Hallelujah!

Plus, we love getting to and from High Point: It’s one big road trip, and we stop at a few Cracker Barrels upon the way and load up the iPad with loads of Depeche Mode and Empire of the Sun.

We don’t need to revisit all of last spring’s fabulous furnishings, but here are some out-and-about snaps of John and me hitting the town in High Point, taking a few naps, drinking a bit too much, and just general carousing shots. Oh, and we adopted Weeenie outside of High Point last April just after market wrapped-up, so HP has an extra special place in our heart.


Tweet, tweet, tweet! Then repeat.

Pimento Cheese!

Pimento cheese spread and Ritz crackers. Heaven!


John hits High Point's antiques outposts, including our favorite owned by the very dapper and lovely Tony Sink.

The House Beautiful BBQ!

The annual House Beautiful BBQ, a debauched, fabulous affair at a gorgeous old home in the heart of High Point. The dish in the red dress and gold Prada sandals is our great pal Christine Phillips, a marketing and licensing genius.

Nap Time!

Jason road-tests a recliner, literally! Too much showroom-hopping makes Jason Oliver a tired boy.

The Dog House!

We love to stop at the luncheonette-like Dog House in High Point for a "loaded" dog (slaw, onions, mustard, and chili). It's fabulous and a must-visit!


Here we are meeting Weenie's family. The house was full of charming little pugs, including the very shy, soon-to-be-renamed Hope, aka Weenie.



Weekend Warrior: Big Chairs and Big Hair!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Big chairs!

The big chair statue in downtown Thomasville, NC. Isn't this thing fabulous! I tried to climb up on it a few years back and almost got arrested.

Jason has been a very bad blogger as I have been driving and driving to reach High Point, North Carolina for the furniture shows, and I literally passed out at the Holiday Inn Express last night after dinner at Applebee’s. So you’ll get your fix of “Weekend Warrior” probably on Saturday, so put away those paint cans and screwdrivers and go make yourself a double Screwdriver cocktail and loll about in anticipation.

Can we discuss highway-hugging hotels/motels–let’s call them “ho-motels,” although that sounds a bit racy and our right wing followers are probably up in arms (do we have any right wing followers?).

Ho-motels: They aren’t quite motels and they aren’t quite hotels, hence “ho-motels.” But, either way, they are invariably BEIGE, BEIGE, BEIGE! Come on, folks, give me some pizzazz. And don’t even get me started on the lack of verve at Applebee’s. At least give me a take-home cocktail mug shaped like a boot with my laminated menu.

Anyhow, we are back on the road and will arrive in HP late afternoon. The airwaves have been going crazy since our departure with blog comments from Yvonne about her bad-ass blue wall-to-wall carpet, Catherine bemoaning her curtains, Juliet fretting about her front foyer, and Alison Brod talking about Snooki.

Gals, we will get back to you. And probably from a Chick-fil-a.

If they have wireless.


Back to road…