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Keeping Up Appearances!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Nunc est Bibendum!

John and I lapped up the cheap and chic holiday decorations that we spotted at the Conran's lifestyle store in London that is housed within the historic Michelin House, the French tire company's circa-1911 former headquarters. Next time you are in London, be sure to wander through the Art Nouveau-styled building with its shop, Bibendum restaurant (Bibendum being the name of Michelin's iconic mascot who is crafted of tires), flower store, and amazing cafe.


John and I are just back from our amazing trip to London, and we are not stopping to take a breath. Oh, no! There is too much fabulous work to be done. Who needs sleep when the world needs prettying-up, n’est-ce pas?

Today I strung Christmas lights in our Brooklyn front yard and hung a now-vintage Martha By Mail wreath on our front door.

But how do you feel about your holiday decorations?

Don’t even think you have to spend lots of money to make your home look fabulous at the holidays… Mais non!

John and I were so inspired by the tissue paper decorations that we spotted at Conran’s in London. Tissue paper is all the rage, and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap and so multi-faceted! One of our favorite sources for tissue paper decorations is Party Cheap, so check out their bells and balls and whatnot then get to decorating your home.

And be sure to send us photos of your holiday handiwork!

Scarlet Fever!

Inexpensive tissue-paper decorations create a magical moment in a window display at Conran's. Bring this look home: It's cheap and very glamorous!

Life is a Ball!

A gorgeous assortment of colorful tissue-paper decorations hang over a table at Conran's. Stunning, n'est-ce pas?

Table Talk!

Another view of the simple-chic dining table at Conran's with the assortment of tissue-paper bells and balls hanging overhead. What an easy holiday decoration, and yet so chic!