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A Bit of Color on this Drab Day!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

The Unloved Little House!

Here's the former garage at Madcap Cottage in upstate New York when John and I purchased the property. The garage was a mess and was totally shrouded with out-of-control greenery. Our goal was to take this forlorn folly and make it fabulous. Hopefully, you can pluck ideas from our plan of attack to employ in your own home.


John and I are hunkered down in Brooklyn as Sandy terrorizes the East Coast… We have wine and I made tacos, and I am cleaning out my closet and am still wearing my pajamas at 1:30pm so it’s not all bad… John is listening to Christmas carols on Pandora for some reason. Curious, n’est-ce pas? Weenie and Jasper are snoozing.

As the day is totally drab and dull, I thought I would offer some color, a Technicolor-hued punch…

Here’s a photo tour of our former garage at Madcap Cottage in upstate New York that John and I transformed from a tumbledown structure into a rainbow-hued screened-in porch.

I hope you enjoy the journey…

Stay dry, and stay safe!

Al Fresco Elegance!

New roofing, screened doors, and a cupola that John and I purchased online take the exterior of the garage and make it gorgeous. The cupola is vinyl-clad, so it will never need painting. I am not a fan of vinyl siding, but here it makes total sense.

Interior Motives!

John and I had the interior patched and a new cement floor poured. And we carved-out screened windows that look onto our backyard. A pale blue ceiling helps open up the space.

Patio, Daddy-o!

John and I found some beat-up old garden furniture and had it powder coated a bright lemon yellow. The results are perfectly sunny and delicious! Find garden furniture at a yard sale, and have it powder coated to give it new life.

Fabric of Life!

John and I came up with a fun fabric scheme that mixes lots of easy-to-care-for indoor/outdoor fabrics in big, bold hues.

Dog Days of Summer!

Jasper eyes the work in progress. Almost complete!

Hello, Jasper!

And here's the finished product... John and I were lucky enough to have the screened-in porch appear in the magazine DIY. Jasper makes himself right at home in the finished screened-in porch, now renamed The Little House. Floor paint transformed a cement floor into something fabulous. John crafted the window treatments from Ikea using a stamp that he picked up at a flea market with fabric paint.

Et Voila!

Note the inexpensive Chinese lanterns that dangle overhead, an inexpensive way to add "punch" and "pizzazz" to any space. The cupola adds further "architecture" to a roofline that was sorely lacking interest.


It’s a Madcap Monday!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Bloody Mondays!

Hello, Monday! Hello, Miss Mary! I want to get intimate and pronto.


I hate Mondays, don’t you? It’s like everyone and their mother decides to send you an e-mail first thing and they want something right this minute. Yeesh. Well, I am attempting to rally. That glass is always half full, n’est-ce pas, but hopefully half full of a Bloody Mary or vodka rocks.

I woke up this weekend to a very lovely posting from our pal Selina Denman at The National, the “leading English language voice in the Middle East.” And that’s their words, not mine.

Big in Dubai? That works for me.

I love when a “leading voice” thinks that John Loecke and I have talent. Who knows, maybe we wil be rung up today by a top sheik or top sheika to “do up” their little ole palace in an Emirati state flush full of new money or maybe their seaside retreat in the south of France…

And don’t you love that word, “sheika?” A “sheika” is the wife of a sheik. Now you now.

Anyhow, here’s a link to Ms. Denman’s piece. Just click on the image, below, to give us a little look over…

Big in Dubai!

John and I love being big in Dubai. So fun, huh?


Wild Card Wednesday: Whimsy and Weenie!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I am wiped out from our drive back from the fabulous High Point, North Carolina furniture shows… But it’s all good, all good. Still, 9 hours on the road hit me like a truck. I will report back later in the week with a trend report and highlights of the show…


Meet our newest family member, baby Weenie, a pug from North Carolina.

So today’s write-up is short: Think of it as “Wiped-Out Wednesday.” This boy needs to tuck himself into bed after a good glass of wine.

Oh, and did we tell you that we have a new addition to the John Loecke Inc. team, our little pug puppy, Weenie (named after our heroine Eloise’s little pug). So tonight I plan to curl up with Weenie and Number One Son, Jasper.

But here’s a little lesson about WHIMSY, a word that we eat, live, and breathe by. Have fun with your interior. Every home needs some magic, some mystery, and there’s no better time than spring to have a little fling.


Talk about whimsy: An incredible collection of bowler hats turned into a dramatic lighting arrangement at the Halo showroom in High Point, NC.

Keep ‘em guessing. Add some fabulous throw pillows to a couch, have a chair reupholstered in an ethnic print, paint a stool orange or yellow or purple. It’s easy.

Maybe create a fun and unexpected lighting arrangement or bunch together photo frames in rainbow hues.


A fabulous, colorful ethnic print at Lee Industries. WHIMSICAL!

Tell us what your spring freshening-up plan is and how you plan to add some WHIMSY to your own home…

We want to hear from you!