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When Inspiration Hits…

March 13th, 2012 by Demystifying Design

Tall, Tan, Terrific!

The February/March/April/May issue of Array magazine features former Domino editor in chief Deborah Needleman on the cover and what inspires the Madcap Cottage boys within its pages. Click on the image, above, to peruse the digital version of the magazine.


As I always say, you never know when inspiration might hit you, so carry a digital camera with you at all times that you can whip and snap away. And that inspiration might come in a fancy department store or at a design showroom or sitting at your local burger joint with taquitos in hand.

Case in point…

There’s a magazine in New York City called Array published by the fabulous New York Design Center that speaks to the design world and its fans, and those frisky editors at Array asked us to speak about what has been inspiring us of late.

Did the Madcap Cottage duo pick an important piece of furniture?

Perhaps a “moment” in a far-flung country?

A gorgeous museum?

No, no, and hell, no.

John and I talked about a gorgeous pink-and-navy garbage can at Howard’s Famous Bacon & Avocado Burgers on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles. Howard’s is a total dive, and we love it. It’s the best. Their taquitos totally r-o-c-k. And the Howard’s crew have an amazing color sensibility at Howard’s, too!

Their deft use of pink, navy blue, and orange is remarkable. Transformative, frankly. And that garbage can has totally made us want to do everything right now in navy blue and pink. Thank you, Howard’s!

And, see, if we hadn’t been carrying our digital camera, we wouldn’t have been able to capture the absolute rapture of this classy can.


Burger Heaven!

Here's the page that features your favorite Madcap Cottage gents discussing their passion for the pink-and-navy blue trash can at Howard's in Los Angeles.


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